Masvingo Prophet Proposes 3-Year Jail Sentence for Women Who Fail to Buy Gifts for Their Partners on Valentine’s Day
7 February 2024
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By A Correspondent
Masvingo’s controversial prophet, Isaac Makomichi, has proposed a three-year imprisonment at Chikurubi Maximum Prison for any woman who fails to spoil her husband or boyfriend with a gift on Valentine’s Day.

The clergyman insists that such women should also endure rigorous labor within Chikurubi maximum prison and refrain from requesting gifts from their partners for the next 45 years.

A significant number of husbands in Masvingo, approximately 90%, express their support for Makomichi’s initiative to incarcerate offenders, citing accusations of “spousal neglect, emotional abuse, and crimes against humanity.”

Prophet Makomichi is renowned for resolving various issues, including aiding men with sexual potency issues and providing lucky charms for financial prosperity. Numerous individuals attest to their problems being resolved after seeking assistance from Makomichi.

Allegedly, women engaged in transactional relationships (“slay queens”) frequent Makomichi’s services, where they are provided with love potions to attract wealthy suitors.

Married women also reportedly seek his guidance to enhance marital bliss.While women commonly receive gifts on Valentine’s Day, there is a perceived reluctance among them to reciprocate.

Consequently, Prophet Isaac Makomichi urges the government to take action against such individuals by enforcing imprisonment.

Some men voice their grievances, claiming to have consistently purchased Valentine’s gifts over the years and now anticipate receiving similar gestures in return.

One Masvingo resident, who identifies as a teacher, asserts his willingness to divorce his spouse if she fails to deliver a gift on February 14th.

Reportedly, Papa Makomichi has established a WhatsApp group comprising lawyers, law enforcement officers, and Zimbabwean citizens.

This group serves as a platform for men who feel neglected to voice their concerns, with lawyers subsequently exploring potential charges. Individuals interested in joining the group were instructed to contact Makomichi at 0777469342.

I simply expect to receive a token of love from my wife, as I’ve consistently demonstrated my affection.

If she fails to reciprocate, it’s a significant betrayal that warrants action, whether it’s from frustration or societal pressure to showcase our relationship,” remarks Howard, eagerly awaiting his Valentine’s gift.