Sunday LIVE Pictures Of Mai Titi’s Skin Peeling Off After Using Unlicensed Cancerous Feliglow Cream
16 June 2024
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By Dorrothy Moyo | Harare, Zimbabwe – The popular socialite and comedian Felistas Murata, widely known as Mai Titi, was on Sunday seen on a live Facebook video with her facial skin peeling and scaling off in three different colors. The distressing images, streamed on Sunday, have sparked widespread concern and outrage among her followers and the general public.

Murata, who has a substantial following on social media, was visibly distressed as she showed her damaged skin, attributing the severe reaction to the use of an unlicensed whitening cream called Feliglow. This product, which she had been promoting heavily, is now under scrutiny for its safety and legitimacy…

The incident follows closely on the heels of Murata’s deportation from Heathrow Airport in London, where she was intercepted while trying to import Feliglow creams. Authorities detained her after discovering that the product was unlicensed and falsely marketed as a treatment for eczema.


A screenprint from Murata’s page, Feliglow

**Advisory: Warning Against Unlicensed Whitening Creams**

In light of the alarming live video and the serious health risks demonstrated, an urgent advisory has been issued to warn the public about the dangers of using unlicensed and unregulated whitening creams like Feliglow. These products can contain harmful chemicals that pose significant health risks, including severe skin damage, potential carcinogenic effects, and other serious medical conditions.

Healthcare professionals and regulatory authorities emphasize the following points:

1. **Avoid Unlicensed Products**: Only use skincare products that are approved and regulated by recognized health authorities. Unlicensed creams can contain dangerous substances that are not safe for human use.

2. **Verify Claims**: Be skeptical of products making unrealistic claims, such as curing diseases without scientific evidence. Feliglow’s false claims about treating Alzheimer’s disease are a blatant example of fraudulent marketing.

3. **Consult Healthcare Providers**: Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new skincare treatment, especially those involving chemical agents.

4. **Report Suspicious Products**: If you encounter unlicensed or suspicious skincare products, report them to your local health authorities to prevent others from being harmed.

The incident involving Felistas Murata serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with unregulated cosmetic products. The public is urged to prioritize their health and safety by being vigilant and informed about the products they use.