Urgent Plea for Zimbabwean Immigrants Detained Indefinitely in Namibia
16 June 2024
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By Dorrothy Moyo | Windhoek, Namibia — A growing outcry has emerged from countless parents detained indefinitely under the guise of “awaiting deportation” in Namibia, highlighting the severe distress and suffering of their children left behind.

Namibia, traditionally known for its welcoming stance, currently detains a significant number of Zimbabwean immigrants. These individuals, purportedly awaiting deportation, find themselves in indefinite detention, raising serious concerns about the humanitarian impact of such policies. The emotional toll on families, particularly on children separated from their parents, is profound.

Human rights advocates are urging Namibian authorities to consider the deep impact of these detentions. They argue that enforcing immigration laws should not come at the expense of human dignity and the welfare of vulnerable children. If deportation is deemed necessary, it should be carried out respectfully and safely, ensuring these individuals can return to Zimbabwe without undue hardship.

Immediate action is deemed essential to address this crisis. The prolonged detention and separation of families are causing significant emotional harm, especially among children who face uncertainty and instability. Advocates are calling for humane treatment and swift resolution to prevent further suffering.

The global community is being urged to join this advocacy effort. A petition has been launched to demand the humane treatment and release of the detained immigrants, aiming to reunite families and provide stability for the affected children.

Supporters of the petition believe that their signatures can help alleviate the suffering caused by these detentions and uphold the principles of human rights and compassion. This is a crucial moment for the international community to act and ensure that families are not torn apart by immigration policies.


By joining the advocacy, supporters can make a difference in reuniting children with their parents and securing a hopeful future for those impacted by this crisis.