The Coming Of An Unled Explosive Revolution
18 June 2024
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By Dr Raymond Chamba | When the house is burning and those close to the homestead or in choice parts do nothing to put it out, the danger of being an accomplice is quite high. In life and it’s circumstances there is always a categorisation of crimes being those of ommission and commission.

In my books it’s a higher act of criminal negligence when one has the opportunity and more than anything the responsibility to act and they somewhat see it as safe or strategic game theorise choose to do nothing.

Warriors- file pic

Iam specifically giving a very clear public advise if not warning to those who are witness to Dzimbahwe being on fire, can do something about it but choose to remain safely sequestered in indifferent and false neutral territory.

“This is not a time to keep the facts from the people- to keep them complacent. To sound the alarm is not to panic buy to seek action from am aroused public. For, as the poet Dante once said: the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in a time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality”. John F. Kennedy.

This includes not in any particular order the immediate family of those leading/misleading if not bleeding the nation, the extended relatives and most critically those around the circle of power. For the immediate family, for now you have come out and publicly identified yourself participating in the feeding frenzy. We know you and so is everyone keeping an eye on you….

You may think there is so many of you but need I remind you that everywhere in Zimbabwe and around the globe you are surrounded by victims of your father’s crimes. The mass pillage of our country cannot be allowed to go on forever and the people will never forget or forgive. As sure as the sun will rise and set you will have punishment meted out to you.

You will not enjoy the fruits of the present indulgence into primitive accumulation. The better part of your lives will be spend in regret, on the run or losing that which you though you had safely accumulated and hidden. Most of all it will be a shame and a perpetual source of insecurity to acknowledge your own names. Imagine that.

To those adults that are in the room and choose to play dead while those possessed by the demon of losing their minds and stealing the people’s treasure ….you are next. No explanation shall be sufficient and no hiding place will be enough to extricate yourself from the coming imminent danger.

History and real time circumstance will band you together with the clear enemies of the people. You are over relying on private promises and arrangements and letting the country slip away into a den of thieves, international smugglers, drug dealers, election pirates, human traffickers/ organ harvesters and military mercenaries. From your indifference shall quite naturally arise a new sea change of cataclysmic change from the blind.

You will be swept away and buried literally and from history. You chose to make deals while the country was on fire. The good kids busy doing homework, while the bad ones were setting it on fire shall suffer the same fate….

The extended relatives are going to get it worse because you wildly celebrated and over exaggerated your nearness to power based on nothing more than long family ties. Many of you have gotten nothing except the profile picture of lions. You are just Facebook and WhatsApp lions and the people will never forget nor forgive you.

Yours will be punishment most undeserved but certain to come. Munofira mahara. You will pay big time for the small bread crumbs, the stolen pictures and memories which in irrational exuberance you chose to exaggerate. The Internet never forgets and neither will the angry masses of Zimbabwe.

Let me blatantly put it this way- unless and until something drastic happens within the next few months, we run the real risk of entering into the territory of a massive unled revolution. The damage will be total and far reaching reflecting the palpable boiling cauldron of a people’s anger.

Without a template of order and institutional memory of continuity everything standing and of note runs the risk of being razed to the ground. It’s like the Armaggedon of the revenge of street kids, drug fuelled unemployed unemployable and perhaps four generations of regret at a national dream deferred and stolen. It will be massively supported by mid level to lower ranking security officers and it will clean up everything in its wake.

The choice is clear and stark. Support and steer a radical shift in things. Step up and establish irrefutable and predictable institutional and constitutional order/continuity or wake up to the streets swallowing everything up in a cloud of popular anger.

There are those who believe the casual Cafe Nush indifferent analysis that it will not happen here. Oh waal, I have news for you, it’s coming and fast…..

Do something before something gets done to you. That’s my loving and humble advise to those of access, mental, administrative order and clarity and the even few having the albatross of family ties around your neck. Muchadya Izvozvo. There is a big fire coming and it will leave little to nothing standing. I love you. I forgive you. I humbly, kindly warn and advise you in equal order…..

Garai Makagadzirira. Hamuzive Musi Nenguva. Lets go United Methodist singing and be alert. “I can feel it coming” and it’s no song from The Weeknd either. “I can feel it in the air” and it’s not Jay Z, Beanie Sigel and Mellisa Jay crooning….

Mvura yembambara igara watiza achiri makuti. Hurema hwevari kumakura kutsvaka kukuhumurwa dikita nayo. Idodonya nhongonya kuhurudza pamwe chete nenyope vakaramba vakati kanha pamhene vachifunga kuti gadziriro ichamera pasi setsambatsi.

Hero dutu rafinyama……. Tikagomadza pfungwa muviri ucharipa nemaduhwani. Nherera chipfumawo panorairwa vamadzishe, nekuti shoko ratasva mhepo harichina muridzi. Chishongedzawo dzako nzeve naro.

Ndangariro ngadzichive pamvuto, nekuti simba hupfura ichapisa. Iwe ida zvinhu Munhumutapa. Tasva bhizha nguva ichiripo unyangarike kunehore…..

“In a crisis, be aware of the danger but recognize the opportunity”- John F. Kennedy

Dr Raymond Chamba