Wicknell Never Happened
18 June 2024
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    looted to loot… Wicknel Chivayo and his tender granter, Emmerson Mnanagwa

By Matigege Dhaina | The casual observer is focusing on the wrong issues around money and alleged undue influence of Tsambarafuta on Mukuru and administration. The Jedai mind trick is having our attention set on looking at invoices and comparing pricing of this and that. There must be more to it….

What if I put it to you that quite plausibly we are not talking about delivery of election materials nor pricing thereof. We have hidden in plain sight not understanding that this relationship and contract with the SA company is not just delivery of hardware and software but the whole modeling of election results. Yes, I am talking about pre-cooked election results. Who needed electoral campaign foot soldiers…..

With that secured, no one needed war veterans and their traditional commissariat functions. The elections were made to order. Tsambarafuta is perhaps the Tom Ford of the last elections charade….

In other words, if my thinking and analysis are true, then it means he, together with close networks, is the architect of the last electoral results and thus the technical midwife of this administration. Haana kuchibata kuti dzvii chete but more importantly “chinhu chake.”

For those of you who played street football in the ghettos… the owner of the football can’t be inconvenienced or have an embarrassing scoreline run on them lest they take their football. Munhu webhora aisiyiwa achiita nonsense dzake.

On further analysis, Tsambarafuta can only be liquidated/silenced or sprung to freedom as he knows too much. Whereas Mike Chimombe and Mpofu can expect maximum punishments for breaching the Mafia code of silence. That’s why they are bringing in the Presidential Goat Scheme. Hapana akashaya mbudzi dzaanoti dzake. They took money cleanly…. near victimless fraud.

Tsambarafuta was getting paid for many more unmentionable things than election materials. I submit it to you that he quite possibly delivered the whole election for intended beneficiaries. When you combine money laundering, drug dealing, minerals smuggling, religious extortion, human trafficking, cash and statutory document printing, and most critically election stealing techniques, you begin to imagine and understand the influence and power that Tsambarafuta plus network wields.

Therefore, he can’t escape from justice but is quite plausibly sprung to freedom on account of possible sensitive intelligence leakages. All things considered, he remains a valuable asset to many in the shit-stem….

Zimbabweans have a half-moon memory, that’s our undoing. I can’t imagine how people, with the amount of educational degrees conferred per capita… we are easily turned dimwits via diverted attention to trivia. In this day and age, we still get tight necks tantalized by secondhand Toyota Aqua mechanical toys…. foregoing the deeper issues of election thievery….. yet again!

The pungent odor of Nikuv ink of 2018 hasn’t even died off… yet the electorate seem oblivious of the raging power-hungry octogenarian’s antics, so generously sponsored by ZEC and the closely looped ‘Vene chewers’ of the national treasure and resources. One would have thought it obvious that the masses were going to react decisively to stop that rot en masse… but as usual, our education is our undoing. Kufunda handi kudzidza chokwadi.

Zimbabwe leaked blood in 2018 and became the hunting ground for modified democracy molders… Alas… the appetite proved high and not lacking of and trophy buyers.

There is nothing better than a return client and Nikuv a very willing service provider. Gone are the days for ink-smudged fingers risking discovery even by election monitoring novices… in comes the cutest girl in the hood… server mirroring!
Chivhayo and crew supplied to ZEC exactly what was ordered… servers.

They didn’t inflate any invoices… and neither did they underdeliver. Of concern to a seemingly educated electorate was supposed to be the delivery centers of the plebiscite material…

ZEC Command Centre equipment and the mirrored control and manipulation center… well away from prying eyes. What a marvel remote Network Operating Center (NOC) technology is.

Zim Command Centre could easily be just an input center but actual tallying and subsequent manipulation done by mirror equipment by Nikuv champions in well air-conditioned suites thousands of miles away from the Towers Center. Internet resource control and tactical usage thereof can easily make one a god to a miseducated and overassuming populace.

Hezvo chakabvutwaka mumawoko aNeville and straight into the hands of kuvadyi venhaka vaChivhayo… ndokuchiti dzviii. Ko vanga vazivaka kukosha kwamasaisai nekuratidza The VeneKing mashandisirwo ane mano of the resource…

To reward for superb work done, the *’Vicor of State House’* had to be granted absolute distribution rights and petit control of the new and efficient, easy to access internet platform, Starlink. A lot of seemingly unrelated occurrences manifested right in our eyes all in the name of pleasing the Vicor and his little band of disciples for the Smart Electoral Victory Prowess.

This of course never quite possibly happened. It’s some random third-eye analysis….