WICKNELL SCAM: Chimombe and Mpofu To Be Arrested for Violating The-Mafia-Code-Of-Silence, They Were Simply Supposed To Wait For Their Turn To Eat
18 June 2024
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BY GODFREY STANLEY | COMMENT | ZIMEYE | Amid the euphoria and excitement over the Chivayo leaked audios, and the explosive detail crucial for restoring law and order to the country, is an intensive state security operation to cover up everything. The accused whistleblowers of the Wicknell Chivayo 2023-election scam, Mike Chimombe and Moses Mpofu are in trouble for violating the mafia code of silence.

The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission will be used to lower public angers and a new cloud of emotional dust flung at Chimombe and Mpofu. ZACC Chairperson, the nation’s most notorious historic prosecutor, Michael Reza is very clear in his tone and context that the two will be charged for breaking the code of secrecy. Chimombe and Mpofu were supposed to have table manners: you shouldn’t talk while you eat. Chimombe was supposed to behave like a real cow,: eat silently and regurgitate at night! Chivayo even said it, that there are too many tenders out there in various ministries still to be taken, you just need to run around, and you can begin from the latest one, at police, and at immigration- passport printing. 

This is my prediction and I stand by it, of which in full, Chivayo says during his second audio leak: 

Good morning, good morning eeh members. Aaah, South Africa has received the money and they have said that they want to start off with payments for the 1,000,000 to Better Brands which is what we had signed the contract for, then after the holiday we will be able to engage them because we had agreed to give them seven days for the money to go smoothly without money laundering clearance bottlenecks, they don’t want to appear like they are going too fast with money, so for Easter purposes I put pressure for 1 million to be paid so that we can run around; so as agreed Scott is going to take 350,000, then 150 000 goes to Mike, then another 150,000 goes to Mpofu, and then Moms gets 100,000 and then DG we give him 100,000, to make a total of 1 million isn’t it? 150 x 4 is 600, then Scott his 200 to make 800. What do I do? What also I do? Scott takes 350 then 650,000. 650,000 remains; moms gets 100, 100 then 450 we split for 3: 150 and 150 and 150 so if the money, R18,000,000 goes to Scott’s FNB account he opened last month, it will be frozen there at FNB. So can you send me, your bank account numbers, Mpofu his, Mike, his, so that we can settle the amounts this morning the 150 payments, I also get mine and then the rest we talk next week; Okay. Please send them as soon as possible, thank you;

Chief Jose (Joseph Mhaka, convicted UK Cheque fraudster) You went out talking talking to, Saying a lot of things about me. Chief Jose, is my best friend from 1992. How can you do this to me to go and work with Mpofu, you can see that these people are after me threatening me over goat issues, I told you, let’s do this privately. But you are going all over the show saying all sorts of things. All sorts of threats. Things won’t end well; things won’t end well. I don’t know how you are getting all this strength, and now to be honest, even this thing of your companies that do printing to be honest, I’m not interested. I want us to finish this next week, then we shake hands and then we part our ways. Because it is pointless hey. I’m saying, come let us eat my friend. I have an opportunity. I thought you were going to do the tender business, and then you control everything there where you are, and then you tell me how much you want to be paid; in such situations I won’t get involved in your matters over there. But then you are causing a big mayhem. I don’t know if it is being broke which is giving you that excitement and big respect. I don’t understand. Two minutes, you have phoned here two minutes later you have done that; why are you involving Joseph Mhaka(UK convicted cheque fraudster). How does he get involved? Why can’t you be calm like a kamarada, a comrade who is composed? I am just disappointed and sorry to say all those other things that I was saying before I am no longer interested with the issues of that job, because they are not worth my while. I am now being bothered tossed to and fro, every two minutes, you say things won’t end well. I don’t work with people who threaten me. I work in love with the love, collaborating with each other well, as I give you facts: improve their arguments improve your arguments, Don’t raise your voice to me. Say, aaah, Sir here you are telling the truth. But my own point is this and this and this. What do you think about this? What do you think? What do you think about this? Not to spend every two minutes making threats things are going to explode. Things are going to explode. But now I am not a person who gets involved in violence. I have lived that life and I left it behind. I am a man of Business. I sit in boardrooms and we discuss together inside there. We must sit in and then we have failed to agree let’s fail to agree properly. If people say that this is the last job that we are doing together, it is still okay. We are still friends, you know. Now everyone is calling me; The issue is being discussed by everyone. Aaah, it is just disappointing. Anyway, send me your bank details as fast as possible. Thank you. –

I don’t want the involvement of a lot of people on this matter Mpofu, I’m very disappointed, you are not sober at an extreme level.- Wicknell Chivayo