Tough Thought: Religious Corruption
26 June 2024
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By Dr. Raymond Chamba | Perhaps the greatest enemy to decisive, sustained progress for Zimbabwe is not the corrupt government, their political party, or even inequality under the law but the neutered and captured religious community, particularly Christian leadership.

From underwriting and sanitizing colonialism to coddling the thieving appetites of evil politicians, so-called Men of God provide deep moral cover while shutting down citizens’ natural instincts to resist oppression.

The Christian community in Zimbabwe, along with Econet, are twin pillars of retrogression, contemptible defenders of the reprehensible, and arbiters of the horrible. I cannot fathom any coalescence of power to dim the wheels of protest, progress, and the inherent capacity of people to demand more.

Everywhere in the march towards improvement is the overwhelming, creepy, corruptible, and smothering presence of the sneaky, spineless religious lot. Zimbabwe suffocates from the leadership of the least capable among us, who obfuscate their incapacity to do anything with a rush towards putting all into a stupor of nonsense, including defending the indefensible.

Every bad actor in town needs religious cover, and Zimbabwe has them in great quantity. They multiply like mushrooms and fester around the fetid need for moral cleansing demanded by the butchers in our midst. With a ready clutch of these religious clowns, truth finds a new name, a new swing, and new acceptance. The great damnation of our nation’s and continent’s march towards prosperity is the penury induced by the religious thugs among us.

They wax lyrical about ancient texts from other cultures while sugar-coating them with universal moral acceptance and the usual shyster shtick of better things in the afterlife. If we rid ourselves of religious corruption, social-political change is all the more possible and palpable.

With the slimy religious snake oil salespeople abundant in the verdant land of Zimbabwe, who needs to hear of prime evil They are all deeply bought and drowned in the whims and caprices of corrupt politics. To change the politics of the country and continent, do something about the dirty religious shenanigans.

Endemic corruption, dictatorial government and gross indifference to the bad material and social conditions never had a more reliable and ready partner than the hopelessly compromised Christian leadership in Zimbabwe. They provide public endorsement, prayer and supplication to an out of touch leadership and even worse forever available like locusts to give cover for exposed government. Change is only possible when we manage to rid ourselves of the cloak of endemic religious corruption in our midst.


Dr. Raymond Chamba