Chamisa Supporters Storm Harare Magistrates’ Court
27 June 2024
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By Political Reporter- Hundreds of the country’s favourite politician, Nelson Chamisa’s supporters, stormed Harare Magistrates’ Court on Thursday and demanded the immediate release of former senator Jameson Timba and 75 other party activists.

The supporters, most of the youths, broke into protest songs in solidarity with Timba immediately after the court denied Timba and several others bail.

Timba and the CCC activists face charges of participating in a gathering with the intent to promote violence, breaches of peace, or bigotry, as well as disorderly conduct.

According to allegations, on 16 June 2024, around 2 PM, police received information about an unsanctioned gathering at a house in Strathaven, Harare, supposedly in preparation for an unlawful demonstration.

Police officers arrived at the scene to investigate and were met with hostility.

The accused reportedly became riotous and threw stones at the officers and their vehicle, prompting the police to call for reinforcements.

During the ensuing chaos, two police officers were injured, and the police vehicle was damaged. The CCC activists were only arrested after the police resorted to using tear gas.

The activists have been remanded in custody until 10 July 2024.

Last week, the court granted US$100 bail to one of the accused, Ndapuwa Shaun Timba, who is Timba’s son.

Another accused, a 17-year-old minor, was remanded into the custody of their guardian.

Additionally, one individual showed signs of potential mental health challenges.

In accordance with Section 26 of the Mental Health Act, the court ordered that this person remain in custody pending an examination by two doctors to assess their mental capacity.