A Tribute To Victims Of Zanu PF 2008 Brutality
29 June 2024
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

Today(June 27), we mark the 16th anniversary of the tragic events of June 27, 2008, when Zimbabweans brutally murdered for rejecting Zanupf.

We honor the memories of those who lost their lives, were maimed, or suffered brutal violence during the violent runoff election.

Their bravery and dedication to the struggle will never be forgotten.

June 27, 2008, was a dark day in our history, marked by senseless violence, bloodshed, and intimidation.

Thousands of innocent citizens were ruthlessly killed and maimed for exercising their democratic right to vote for the opposition. This violence occurred in the lead-up to a runoff that became a solo candidacy after President Tsvangirai courageously refused to participate in a fraudulent process.

As we remember and honor our fallen heroes, we recommit to continuing their fight for a just, democratic, and free Zimbabwe, where all citizens’ rights and dignity are respected and protected.

Under the stewardship of President Chamisa, we will fight on until victory!

Under my hand

Comrade Ostallos.