Ignore The Fart, Sing Pfee!
29 June 2024
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ED caricature

By Dr. Raymond Chamba |The recycled stories of reported Shona-Ndebele conflict are nothing more than a sponsored distraction from the real issues at hand. The real issue is the massive pillaging of national resources through structured arrangements from the highest offices for the benefit of the “tender ronnies.”

The public should not be misled into focusing on trivial distractions. We must not be diverted by minor issues when we are dealing with the metaphorical elephants, buffaloes, and lions of endemic corruption. We are a mature society, long aware of the imagined differences between us, and we should not be played like this.

Never again shall we allow our perceived differences to be sharpened into weapons that harm our national unity. We will not be distracted by trivial stories of corrupt individuals or politically motivated tribal conflicts. Instead, we must focus on exposing the mafioso dealings within our midst.

The desperation of state-sponsored retailers of mass distraction is evident. Stories about Mai TT, Panganai Java, and other social media controversies are failing to capture the critical attention they once did. The days of easily selling salacious nonsense are coming to an end. They might as well try to divert attention by killing themselves—that’s guaranteed to work.

The efforts to destroy the corruption narrative are sometimes humorous but never amusing. These committed individuals would sponsor multiple road traffic disasters if it meant creating new headlines. However, they cannot easily shift national attention away from the pressing issue of high-level corruption.

Attempts to give political traction to isolated incidents, like the Bubi stories, are akin to trying to mask the overpowering smell of a public bus fart with loud singing. The overpowering stench of corruption cannot be erased by even the sweetest melodies.

High-level corruption originating from and protected by those in power has an enduring stench that will linger for a long time. Every time the President speaks, it’s impossible not to think of him as an unindicted felon, merely waiting for justice to catch up with his crimes.

We are ruled by thieves. This is the undeniable truth, and no attempt to hide it will shift our collective focus. As I have stated before, “we are being led by a government of crooks, for crooks, cheered on and defended by crooks.”

DZIMBAHWE 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼