Allow Mnangagwa To Stay Beyond 2028: Zanu PF, Do You Agree?
1 July 2024
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When people say 2030 VaEmmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa Vachange Vachitonga, it’s a statement of confidence in the development agenda being led by the current President.

There is nothing divisive in calling for the continuation of a progressive government.

VaMugabe vakaita 40 years but
the development trajectory was very minimal compared to the 7years that ED has been at the helm.

Development can not be stopped simply because of a man made document. Yes the constitution can say two terms but remember a constitution is a living document which can be amended from time to time.

We cannot be imprisoned by a constitution which says that a progressive leader should step down after two terms even when it is clear that the country is developing under his leadership. The constitution was made by the people and it can be changed by the people

The only logical thing is to allow the President to fully complete his vision.

Our quest for prosperity cannot be suffocated by the desire to fulfil our personal ambitions.

Unless otherwise kana ivo vati he now needs to rest then we will stop advocating for him to go beyond the stipulated two terms. Kugona haisi mhosva uye Kuda munhu arikugona haisi mhosva zvakare.

Source : Operation Restore Legacy