George Guvamatanga & Auxillia Mnangagwa: The Power Struggle Unveiled
2 July 2024
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By A Correspondent | COMMENT | Auxillia Mnangagwa, leveraging her influence, ousted the founders of a food franchise and expelled Chris Mutsvangwa from the Manizhe Iron and Steel Company’s catering contract.

George Guvamatanga

Their aggressive acquisitions didn’t stop there; they forcibly took control of numerous mines, now dominating the smuggling, refining, and sales of minerals. With the Mnangagwa twins, Sean and Collins, virtually running Fidelity Printers, their grasp over Zimbabwe’s resources extends to controlling meal services at these mines. The nation has become a vast tuckshop under the Mnangagwa clan’s command.

Major mines are now mandated to contract Auxillia for all catering needs, reinforcing the Mnangagwa stranglehold. Concurrently, George Guvamatanga’s brother has taken over a newly established medical aid society that replaced PSMAS. This society collects contributions from all civil servants except the ZDF, who have been explicitly warned of dire consequences should they fail to deliver to expectations.

John Guvamatanga, George’s brother, exploits this new medical aid society, siphoning off around USD $1.2 million from civil servants to fund his lavish lifestyle. Set up by George, John operates Emerald Medical Aid, having recently upgraded his residence from Ruwa to the affluent Borrowdale. George ensured the operational struggles of PSMAS by strangling it off timely payments from Treasury.

George Guvamatanga extends his corrupt influence beyond Zimbabwe, acquiring hotels in Tanzania, Kenya, Thailand, and Dubai. These hotels serve as playgrounds for state-funded escapades, with Guvamatanga orchestrating lavish trips for his entourage of whores and political cortisans. His corruption knows no bounds, with investments in beauty pageants, which he uses as breeding grounds for “new talent” to expand his nefarious activities.

This intricate web of corruption and power abuse highlights a deeply entrenched system where public resources are diverted for personal gain, leaving the ordinary Zimbabwean at the mercy of a powerful few. The Mnangagwa clan and their associates, including George Guvamatanga, have created a parallel economy, one that thrives on exploitation and manipulation, making Zimbabwe a nation teetering under the weight of their unchecked power.