Already-3rd-Term-President ED Says I’m Quitting After My 2nd Term
4 July 2024
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“I am in my last five years then a new leader will be chosen at Congress whilst I go to rest,” says Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mutare, Zimbabwe – By Farai D Hove | ZimEye | In a surprising turn of events, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is already serving his third term, has announced his intention to retire after completing his second term. The announcement was made during a function to commission the Mutare Teachers College Fruit Juice and Water Processing Plant.

“I am in my last five years then a new leader will be chosen at Congress whilst I go to rest,” Mnangagwa told attendees, despite the fact that he is currently in his third term. This statement has led to widespread confusion and speculation regarding his political future and the internal dynamics of the ruling Zanu-PF party.

Mnangagwa’s declaration has ignited discussions about the succession plan within Zanu-PF and the broader political implications for Zimbabwe. The president’s mention of a new leader being selected at a Zanu-PF Congress implies an imminent power transition, which could significantly alter the political landscape.

However, skepticism surrounds Mnangagwa’s announcement. Historically, Zimbabwean leaders have shown a reluctance to relinquish power, often extending their rule despite initial commitments to step down. This historical context fuels doubts about the sincerity of Mnangagwa’s retirement pledge.

Political analysts question whether Mnangagwa’s statement is a genuine indication of his intention to step down or a strategic move to consolidate his position and manage internal party dissent. The incongruity of serving a third term while promising to retire after a second term adds to the complexity of the situation.

As Mnangagwa’s purported final term progresses, both political observers and the Zimbabwean public will be closely watching his actions and the developments within the Zanu-PF party. Whether Mnangagwa will follow through on his promise to step down remains uncertain, but his recent comments have undoubtedly stirred significant intrigue and speculation about the future of Zimbabwe’s leadership.