Mnangagwa Announces Resignation Date
4 July 2024
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By Political Reporter-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has announced his intention to resign in 2028, marking the end of his tenure as President of Zimbabwe.

Through his spokesperson, George Charamba, Mnangagwa conveyed that he is currently serving his second and final term.

This announcement, posted on Charamba’s X account (handle: @dhonzamusoro007) on Thursday, July 4, followed Mnangagwa’s commissioning of a juice and water production plant at Mutare Teachers College.

Charamba’s post read:

“Speaking in Shona, the President, Dr. ED Mnangagwa, indicated that both the Party and National Constitutions provide for two-term limits. In his case, he is now working on his second and last term and is on his way to taking a deserved rest. When the time comes, added the President, ZANU PF will congregate to elect a new leader. This is what provides for national stability. He also stressed the need for adherence to Party line and Party discipline.”

This announcement marks a notable shift from Mnangagwa’s previous stance.

A few years ago, he surprised the nation with the bold declaration, “2030 ndeendichipo,” which translates to “I will still be there in 2030.”

This sparked speculation about his intentions and the possibility of extending his stay in power beyond the two-term limit.