The Military and ZANU PF
4 July 2024
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Dr. Raymond Chamba | In the midst of the great and unending eruptions of grand corruption in the country, many of us have asked and wondered where the adults in the room are. It was with great relief that I saw the public statements of Lt. General Anselem Nhamo Sanyatwe. Far from introducing trepidation and confusion, it actually gladly clarified things for all and sundry. ZANU (PF), the ruling/governing party, is at its heart a military formation. I get comfort from a military, and not personal, formation. Finally, the elders in the room are standing up and speaking.

Lt. Gen. Sanyatwe’s statements were an affirmation that the military is in control. This administration was put into place by the military, and that’s a worthwhile reminder in an environment where decision-making seems to come from whisky bottles, weed, and is steered by ample bottoms, bleached skins, family ties, criminal cartels, and public dancing tom-foolery. The military has order, structure, and guidance, unlike the farmhouse madness coming from Kwekwe. Thank you, General, for reminding everyone that the military is firmly in charge and not any personal family, a warren of thieves, nor a harem of personal and political whores.


To me, it was the military asserting control and reminding everyone who is in charge—something that some of us prayed for. This General is the quintessence of the most rigorous military and general education training experience from the finest institutions in the world. He is nobody’s fool and not someone you can mess with. After endless public corruption reportage from the likes of Wicknell Chivayo, George Guvamatanga, Ed Branson, and others, it was time the elders stepped in.

Dr Raymond Chamba

The clown shows at government institutions and high offices have gone on for far too long, and it’s time the firm boot of the military gets reintroduced into the room. We cry out for those who introduced these thieves in democratic change clothes to reassert control and order. Thank you, Gen. Sanyatwe, for telling us who is in charge. It’s not some latter-day charlatans from Northern Rhodesia nor some stupid, plundering narrow tribal order seeking to reintroduce itself as Munhumutapa. A whole confused drunken skunk on the snowball waking up and “…nyengu” imagining themselves King. We need order, and it’s time our heroes in uniform step up and step in.

Soon after that, we saw quick clarifications on constitutional order and term limits from reminded parties. The reality is that for many citizens, 2028 is too long for the continuance of wild national resources and treasury pillaging binges. In the absence of anything done to arrest such a precipitous descent into political and financial disorder, the military must fasten their strong boots and direct them at someone’s catheter-filled wet behind.

It was a lack of political maturity and sophistication on the part of a few activists, political and legal, to cry foul over Gen. Sanyatwe’s public testament of military control. It is what it is. Military order is better than personal and family disorder on any given day. When things are not well, we look up to the benefactors and guarantors of this current order to right the teetering and tottering national ship of state.

It’s comforting to know that we still have adults in the room. Thank you, Gen. Anselm Nhamo Sanyatwe, for speaking order to this runaway corruption train. Chinhu ichi chadhakwa. Zimbabwean citizens cry out for decisive change, and now. Cattle herders, drug addicts, common thieves, and political con artists have taken over the great fortress and turned it into a circus.

ZANU Vanhu. Vanhu iZANU. Tochema kuZANU inunure nyika yeZimbabwe. We are talking about the true people’s party and not its sad and sorrowful bastardization by known thieves and big butt-shaking imposters and their tribal sponsors. We need order, and I have no problem with the creators of this now “runaway political apparition” restoring it to factory settings. Thank you, security yekuHondo. We desperately need recalibration. Most of us largely misunderstood the message of Gen. Sanyatwe.

Dr. Raymond Chamba