BREAKING: Viral-Child-Assault Video Woman Arrested
11 July 2024
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Brutal Assault Incident in Wedza Under Investigation

July 11, 2024Wedza, Zimbabwe – By A Correspondent | ZimEye | The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) have issued a press statement regarding a viral video showing a female victim being assaulted by a group of female suspects. The incident occurred in Mupfuuri Village, Wedza, on July 4, 2024, and has led to the arrest of five young women.

Incident Details:
The police report states that on July 4, 2024, at around 11:00 AM, Rudo Manjere (17), Lilly Rose Munyoro (16), and Lillian Chido Munyoro (17) lured the victim, Mavis Mada (18), to Vimbai Mike’s homestead in Mupfuuri Village under the pretext of giving her vegetable seedlings. Once at the location, the suspects locked Mada in a hut and stripped her naked.

The five suspects, identified as Vimbai Mike (19), Rudo Manjere (17), Lilly Rose Munyoro (16), Lillian Chido Munyoro (17), and Sandra Vhumbunu (17), then took turns assaulting the victim with switches. They further violated Mada by inserting three sticks into her private parts while recording the assault on a Vivo cellphone. Mada lost consciousness during the ordeal, and the suspects poured water on her to revive her before freeing her naked at around 3:00 PM.

Police Action:
On July 10, 2024, the ZRP arrested all five suspects. Vimbai Mike is currently detained in police custody, while the other four suspects, being juveniles, have been released into the custody of their parents. They will face court proceedings as the legal process takes its course.

Victim’s Condition:
The complainant, Mavis Mada, is alive and receiving medical treatment at Mount St Mary’s Hospital.

Official Appeal:
The ZRP has urged the public to resolve disputes amicably and avoid resorting to violence. They have assured that the law will take its course without fear or favor.