BREAKING NEWS- Dzamara Protesters Win Court Application, Bail


The arrested anti-President Robert Mugabe Africa Unity Square protesters have won their prel- court application.
The activists who include Itai Dzamara’s brother Patson had their bail reduced from $1000 to $200 each.

Their lawyer Obey Shava who on Wednesday appealed for the bail reduction told on Thursday he is happy with the new development.

“The bail has been reduced to $200 each for the 10 guys save for Patson Dzamara who has three cases who had been granted $200 per record,” he said.

Patson Dzamara who has three cases to answer, will have to pay $600.00 for his release.

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  • Zvichapera

    Pay in bond coins. Why are they still talking US$. These ZANU PF thugs are a curse. Why not charge in other currency instead of US$.