BREAKING NEWS- Zimbabwean Activist Drugged and Raped in SA


Staff Reporter| A prominent Zimbabwean human rights activist based in South Africa has opened up on a heart breaking rape ordeal by a fellow activist.

Gugulethu Ncube exposed on social media platform Facebook, how the man, name withheld, drugged her and dragged her to a hotel room and had unprotected sexual intercourse without her consent through the night.

Ncube who is also a member of the African Diaspora Forum which is a human rights lobby group for African nationalities living in South Africa, claimed in her post that she had recently entered into a relationship with the married man but had always insisted on no intimacy up until the night that the man drugged her heavily and took her to the hotel room where he treated himself to sexual pleasure on her without her consent throughout the night.

The rich man has previously been accused by other African women in South Africa for engaging them in relationships that ended in a heartbreak as he is prone to using them for his sexual pleasures and dumping them.

In a follow up on the incident discovered that Ncube’s Facebook page has as of this morning since been deactivated. Efforts to get a further comment from Ncube at the time of writing failed.

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  • Doc

    Wasting our time ,this woman is admitting that she had an affair with a married man,and says “….She had recently entered into a relationship with a married man…..But had always insisted on no intimacy….”

    Not only are you a bitch ,you are a stone cold liar too.

    So you thought this man was your brother,when you say ” ..Had always insisted on no intimacy…” Nxa..We know what you do in the Diaspora,and you sell us ,other Diasporans short ..By throwing yourselves at South African men.mxm