Staff Reporter | Months ago Viva President Acie Lumumba came out to publicly appeal that youthful Member of Parliament Nelson Chamisa, take over from veteran opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai to stand against President Robert Mugabe in the crucial 2018 elections.

Said Lumumba, “I pray from the bottom of my heart that Nelson Nehemiah Chamisa is passed the reigns and runs for President in 15 months from now. He turns 40 on February 2, 2018, just in time.”

“Majority of the MDC-T leadership is a joke to me and to anyone who is being objective. This man I vote for any day. My fear is he is now stuck in a party with a leader who behaves same like Mugabe. He is truly a man of God,” said Lumumba. It was not clear at the time of writing if Lumumba’s views concerning a possible Chamisa take over were still the same.


Months later Lumumba attends Chamisa’s rally in Kuwadzana and seems to have been completely taken by the youthful leader, that Lumumba a former Zanu PF hardliner and member of the notorious Chipangano youth militia wrote; 

 Acie Lumumba | I attended an MDC rally for the first time in my life yesterday. I was invited by their Vice President Nelson Nehemiah Chamisa.

I sat next to friends, Maureen , Kuda Musasiwa , Patson Dzamara and Agerncy Gumbo. In the rows in front and behind me was MDC executives I have hated all my professional life, as the day went I realised for my whole life I was taught to hate these men and women without ever meeting them, I have hated their ideas without hearing them, their leader without knowing him, their cause without knowing it.

As Jessie Majome hugged me and Douglas Mwonzora teased me I learnt we are all not that much different as Zimbabweans, we run into problems when we call each other by the political parties we have voted for. I want to confess I was wrong about MDC and for that I apologise.

The war for a better Zimbabwe has done a lot to us, but it wins when we hate each other. Politicians are not perfect, but they more imperfect when we fire their hate for each other and turn it into hate for ourselves.Acie Lumumba

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  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    If you were so easily impressed by Zanu PF leaders it is easy to see why you would be bowled over by Chamisa. The reality is Chamisa is just another corrupt and incompetent MDC leader who sat there like a cabbage for five years of the GNU and failed to get even one reform implemented!

  • Godfrey

    Wasvotwa! Watosvorwa! Kkk! That’s the hatred that gets in the way that he is denouncing which is consuming you like a cancer or tuberculosis. Tsve problem, takarasimba nezvisina maturo.

  • Robalitheka

    Acie Lumumba no different from Mliswa…blows with the wind. Will always be ZANU PF

  • wilbert badex

    l pray that mugabe must be booted out of office,aaaaahh zvikaramba this time,third chimurenga will be the last option