Chatunga Mugabe Boasts “I Don’t Eat Sadza” In Your Homes, In New Video Storm


One of President Robert Mugabe’s sons Chatunga, has divided opinions after sharing a video of himself living a lavish lifestyle.

The Mugabe progeny have been making headlines of late for their profligate lifestyle.

The sons were “evicted” last month from a luxury Sandton apartment, according to recent reports, at The Regent apartment hotel in Morningside after supposed unacceptable behaviour in a “dispute over women”.

They had a brawl that allegedly left a security guard with a broken arm and leg. First lady Grace Mugabe apparently had to fly to Johannesburg to find another home for the young men.

In this latest video, a drinking and smoking Chatunga boasts about how he is a regular clubber and doesn’t eat Zimbabwean food such as sadza.

He’s in a room with his friends, and appears alongside a woman who isn’t identified. She seems to have an American accent, however.

He and his friends seem to be drinking Ace of Spaces champagne, which sells for between R5 000 and R7 000 a bottle.

According to News24, the camouflage sweater he wears in the video has been banned in Zimbabwe by Mugabe — the world’s oldest surviving leader, at 93.

Chatunga advised people to “live your life and have fun”, among other pearls of wisdom.

Most Zimbabweans have been struggling with crushing poverty that has caused a large percentage of the population to leave for other countries, particularly South Africa, as economic refugees.

Chatunga Bellarmine’s brother Robert Junior is apparently a student at the University of Johannesburg, and the brothers are chauffeured around in luxury limousines, according to our sister paper, the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper.

The same paper had earlier reported they were relocated to South Africa after “security concerns” about their safety. The two could be targeted “not just for crime, but also for political reasons”.

Grace at the time was quoted as saying: “Imagine it has got to a stage where they want to kill my son Bellarmine”. – The Standard

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  • Tsododo

    I saw the clip in which Chatunga says those words. What he meant is very different to what this writer is purporting. You’re a vicious person brother/sister. Please quote people in the proper context. Just because he’s royal family doesn’t mean you should browbeat him.


    Yaah for sure, the sins of your father shall visit you little Shona Gukurahundis. Since 1980, we in Mthwakazi have been subjected to Shona oppression for some alleged funny little tribal wars of some 200 years ago. We talk from experience!!


    What is SADZA?

  • Tafadzwa Sandusky

    Reporter is biased against the first son’s. He said andidye sadza kumba kwavo, he was referring to someone who obviously has a problem with him, meaning “I dont eat at your house so you cant tell me what to do” . So this reporter is clearly taking things out of context. Poor journalism, terrible article.

  • Tafadzwa Sandusky

    Its Pap, but thats not what he was saying, the writer of the article deliberately took the statement out of context.

  • gerro

    He said I don’t eat sadza at your house

  • gerro

    What mischief! Taking words out of context to make a case
    .which one? Chatunga clearly says hanfodje sadza mumba kwenyu ANF elaborated by saying you didn’t raise me.

  • gerro

    Shame stereki to that reporter

  • gerro

    If youre5here on a Zimbabwean site and you don’t know what sadza is…perhaps I shouldn’t be here at sll.


    you are also here on the Zim site, but do you know what what Phunyukabemphethe means? Do you know what isigelekeqe is? do you know what indlulamithi means?


    There is no royal family in Mugabes. There has never been a Monarch in that bloodline.


    He is obviously vomiting the ZANU PF 1979 Grand Plan Satanic verses as they all do time and again. He is also on the wrong site. He should not be here!!


    What is SADZA – that was the question? You havent answered him, neither have you answered his counter questions. Dont be a coward!!

  • zimbo

    handidye sadza rekumba kwenyu doesnt mean he doesn’t eat Zimbabwean food such as sadza.




    OK. Dankie!!

  • SA_under_threat!

    First sons ?!??!? WTF does that mean ? More like ‘FIRST SCUM’. Attention grace: Your disgusting afterbirth you call children will face Necklacings if they remain in SA !