Deadly Flu Hits Zimbabwe, Some Schools Forced to Close Early Last Week


Staff Reporter | Medical practitioners have warned of an outbreak of a highly complicated and possibly fatal flu bug which has hit the country.

A Bulawayo based doctor told the state run media yesterday the complicated flu which exhibits symptoms of malaria and is potentially fatal if not properly treated, has hit thousands of people around the country.

The doctor who could not be named for professional reasons said that the usual flu medication bought over the counter may not be able to cure the flu encouraging anyone who suspects to be developing flu like symptoms to rush to the nearest health facility for diagnosis and treatment.

“This kind of flu is very dangerous and may lead to pneumonia and death if people delay getting proper medical attention,” he said.

Meanwhile, Manicaland Provincial Education Director Mr Edward Shumba told the same media that the epidemic had hit his province hard so much that three schools had to be closed last week.

According to the report, Bende Primary School, Bende Secondary School and Melleray Primary School in the province had to send learners for an early school holiday last week as the flu wreaked havoc in the area.

Ministry of Health and Child Care Director of Epidemiology and Dieses Control, Dr Portia Manangazira however downplayed the outbreak claiming that the Ministry is yet to meet and assess the situation before making any declarations.

The Ministry immediately also dispelled a social media circulating message that the flu outbreak may be a human version of the deadly H5N8 bird flu.

“If that was the case there would have been an immediate nationwide alert of the bird flu,” he said.

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