Dokora Desecrates Masvingo: Protects Alleged “Dirty” Headmaster


Terrence Mawawa, Zaka|Government sources have claimed Primary and Secondary Education Minister, Lazarus Dokora has blocked officials in the ministry from investigating the case of a school head who is being accused of abusing school resources.

Officials in the Primary and Secondary Education at Wigley House in Masvingo claimed Dokora personally blocked the investigations.

“Yes we have a case of the Nhema Primary School head who is under fire for allegedly abusing school resources. However, our hands are tied because the Minister blocked all investigations. We do not know why he chose to interfere with the matter,” claimed an official in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

The matter came to light when local parents accused Nhema Primary School head, Georgina Mushauri of abusing school resources.

The parents wrote a letter to the District School Inspector indicating their grievances on the matter.

“The head is tampering with the financial records of the school. We told you about our grievances and we expect you to act on the matter,” read part of the letter written to the District School Inspector.

However the District School Inspector, Beulah Shambambeva said she was not in a position to comment on the matter. She would not say whether Dokora had instructed her to throw away the matter.

“What is taking place at the school is none of your business, mind you I report to the Provincial Education Officer,” said Shambambeva.

Provincial Education Director Zedius Chitiga said he was unaware of the matter.

“I am hearing it from you. I am not aware of the said matter,” he said.

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  • Tsododo

    Corrupt to the core, this empty headed Dokora. Mkadzi ka ari kuvhikirirwa uyu? Haaaa! Huori Huori Huori. Mugabe atadzirira kupedza huori.

  • Grace Jones

    zimeye will you please stop writing about school inspectors an offensive term for those in education, this was abolished more than 37 years ago

  • Gilian Muza

    apparently they are now called DSI (District School Inspectors)