Mnangagwa Treating Mugabe Like A Dog, Says Zhuwao


In an interview with Voice of Africa Studio 7, former Public Service Minister Patrick Zhuwao said his uncle Robert Mugabe is being grossly mistreated by Mnangagwa’s Government. Zhuwao said that he has been able to sneak into the country a number of times and has had conversations with people who do not approve of the current administration. He said the current administration is unpopular and must be removed.

Zhuwao who is believed to be hiding in South Africa, also denied news that he sneaked into Zimbabwe in Mugabe’s company. He said he fears for his life and could not disclose where he is currently and pleaded with the media to report responsibly. Said Zhuwao: Ndinofunga zvandingati ndikumbire ndezvekuti ivo vemapepanhau ngavavevo vanhu vane hany’a nenyaya dzehupenyu hwevamwe vanhu kuti vasanyanyokuda kufara kuda kukanganisa mararamiro evamwe. Vacherechedze zvavanokurukura, zvavanotaura nekuti nedzimwe nguva vanoburitsa zvinhu zvinoita kuti mumwe munhu azopinda patsikwende kana kutotsakatika.”

Zhuwao said he hopes to return to Zimbabwe one day but only when President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has been removed. He said the people of Zimbabwe do not approve the current administration and that Mnangagwa will not win a free and fair election and that he will fail to get 15% of the votes.

He said that people in the rural areas still yearn for Mugabe and want to know what became of him. Zhuwao said Mnangagwa’s Government is not legitimate and that he will not congratulate him for “robbing” the people of Zimbabwe. He said Mnangagwa has never won an election and said that he will not work with Team Lacoste and said those that are working with Mnangagwa are only selfish and are only concerned with their upkeep. Zhuwao said the time of reckoning will come for Mnangagwa and his cronies. He said Grace Mugabe was only retaliating when she attacked Mnangagwa.-voa

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  • Doctor Future

    Matanga nyaya dzekunyepa zvino.

  • Jekiseni

    Nhai zvako iwe. Ndashaya panyaya yacho, Mugabe paarikuitwa kunge imbwa

  • Taneta nemapessmists

    Ngavasambochema zvavo Mugabe, Grace nana Kasukuwere vaibata vanhu vese muno munyika kunge mhuka dzemusango. Atibvire brain washed. Zhiwawooooo anotaura on our behalf kuti isu hatina miromo here. Anotinyepera. Some of us we want to give Munangagwa a change for socio-economic transformation zvimwe zvichiongororwawo kuti law and order zviite prevail

  • Taneta nemapessmists

    I meant chance not change

  • KudzaiKazonga


  • Tozvitaura Isu

    But this guy is raising valid points. His downside is he is nephew to the despot who never cared for Zimbabweans.
    But on Ngwena he is spot on.
    Unelected. Unelectable President who abused the army and Zimbabweans to remove a sitting President.
    They killed Morgan’s wife and almost killed him so many times for trying to remove Mugabe democratically. Itai Dzamara and many more disappeared at these guys hands.
    Now they grab power just because the net was closing on them on the missing 15 billion. Now they are in power by ginya they torment small thieves and dine with big thieves like Mpofu.
    Ngwena was chairman of JOC and Chiwenga was commander when Chiyadzwa was operational. Who does not know these guys stole our diamonds by the tonne?
    How many ordinary citizens were maimed and some killed by the army under Chiwenga? This is recent. How about the Gukurahundi and Murambatsvina??
    These guys were Mugabe’s foot soldiers.
    All they they are doing now its cover up. When their power is threatened they will put on their worksuit of brutality. Next election we will see……

  • Jekiseni

    Ukaona kupazirwa kwakaitwa dzimba dzevanhu varikutoshupika zvavo ku Mazowe kuti Grace aise mhuka mu area iyoyo. Zvinonzwisa tsitsi.

  • Mount Teide

    Mugabe can consider himself extremely fortunate not too have suffered the same fate as his friend Gaddafi and Sadam.

  • Mjombo

    We really don’t care Zhuwawo! we even wonder why Mugabe is not in jail. One of these sneak in/out days uchasangana neOrdinary Zim people like me then you will know how we wish you and your sekuru to be treated, hope you will live to tell the tales.

  • sarah Mahoka

    Kkkkkkk Zhuwawo. Did he expect Mugabe to be allowed 14 farms vamwe vasina.To be allowed to keep his stolen money and to continue being allowed to. Spend zw money? We want the stolen money back. Good job Ngwena.

  • sarah Mahoka

    Zvino muchahwina here
    Ngwena vs Tsvangirai
    Ngwena vs Khupe
    Ngwena vs Chamisa
    Ngwena vs Mudzuri
    Take yourpick anohwina. Ndiyani. Tsvangirai hameno

  • Nomusa Garikai

    Good bye and good riddance to both Zhuwao and Robert Mugabe. The nation will never miss you !

  • Donovan Dube

    Why is Mnangagwa giving good dog treatment to mugabe the wild pig

  • Nyadzeni

    Those crimes were committed by Mugabe during his tenure as President. We have to judge ED for what he is doing now as President, and not persecute him for crimes committed by another President.

  • Nyadzeni

    If someone treated like a dog would be given that hefty package and mansions, a lot of people would opt to be that dog. Get real Zhuwao, Mugabe treated like a dog? Really??! Stop insulting us!

  • Seriously human

    Like this guy or not, he is telling the truth. This Gvt is illegimate, and Chiwenga & Mnangagwa were facing arrest over the various mining ventures which they criminally benefited from. They had to use guns to supress any lawful recourse & unfortunately most zimbabweans because of their idiocy and lack of foresight, celebrated the Gvt take over by a Mafia. Chiwenga does no even deservr to be a councilor but now he is a VP. Hahahaha

  • Rverend

    Idiot, do not peddle lies, if you benefited from the diamonds loot just say so. No one ever tried to assassinate ED, but the criminal skipped the border so as to arrange for the other criminals to make a coup detat and they are together now.

  • Chipazhamwongo

    Zhuwayo chako chizvuri chizere matoto.

  • Madluphuthu

    I couldn’t have said it better

  • eish

    Zhuwao must not forget that RGM treated the people of Zimbabwe like dogs over the past 37years so its payback time.

  • Zimborig

    Zimbabweans let’s read and understand our own constitution and not use emotions or what is ascribed by opinion leaders. The fact is, at national level(not Zanu pf) the president resigned. And this created a vacancy……What followed is in line with constitution, hence legitimate. At Zanu of level, Mugabe was recalled and it is allowed in Zanu pf constitution. After recall at Zanu of level, he was to impeached by the parliament. He had an option of being impeached or to resign….remember when he was to impeached he was going to lose his retirement benefits. Mugabe was smart enough to realise that and acted accordingly.
    What can be illegal is that the army was deployed against the knowledge of the president…..but honestly who expect a normal person to deploy the army against himself.
    Zimbabweans wanted the old man out of office, and the army facilitated that and we all happy except the Mugabe clan. Zhuwao should keep his nonsense where ever he is. Munangagwa is proving to be a darling to his critics…..and he will continue to shock many.
    Civil servants got paid on time for the first time in 4 years.
    Cash is improving in banks
    The corrupt are being investigated one by one.
    Mugabe had 14 farms, 13 to be repossessed.etcetc

  • PeterPan

    How’s else would you treat dogs.

  • chiz

    hanzii ko naZhuwawo??? we may not all like Mnangangwa bt we certainly all didnt like ur uncle and especially ur aunt!



  • Dumi

    Never thought Zhuwawo would fear for his life one day. Those were our fears for the past 37 years and now we can say what we want and never run away. Its your turn rasta

  • Taurai

    Unelectable in your dream. Next election you will see for sure.

  • Welcome

    You believe this rubbish that RG and rabid dog Grace didn’t want to have ED killed? Believe what you want and we also believe what we want.

    RG reduced this country to some personal farm and ran it as such for the benefit of his family and friends. I guess you were one of those “fortunate enough” to eat the scraps off the high table. Sorry you now have to fend for yourself like the rest of us.

  • Ladys Dube


  • Sinyo

    Poetic justice …….

    If you are educated enough like you once claimed in the sundaymail you should have been able to see it coming,..
    I would have understood the stupidity if it was Grace and Tyson for they are not very schooled

  • Cry My Beloved Country

    What goes around comes around. How did this mosken boy became a zim gvt minister in the first place. Oh someone just told me… that it was his corrupt uncle who appointed him. Patireki, we wish you what you and your uncle deserve.

  • Chiendausiku

    Imbwa inonzi Zhiwawo ngaiende ngaiende kumusha kuMozambique ndiko kwake. He should not be allowed back into Zimbabwe. Sekuru Vale was treating us like worse than African dogs. Vanities hazvipereka.Zhiwawo unoda kuiswa nyere.

  • Ushe Madzoro

    Nhasi zvorwadza isu vamwe tirivaranda munedzime nyika nemaitiro aSekuru vako chikomana nyarara zvako kutizvii, Bob is sitting pretty iwe wavekuona zvakanaka nokuti wave next door yangu munomu diaspora, u r going to retire in an old people’s home when ur mansion is rooting at home what a shame.
    Ndaindiri iwe ndaiita leek the man’s ass like what ur Sekuru used make others do to him, test of ur Sekuru’s medicine mate.

  • DJ Mpho

    Zhuwawo. You are a dick shit. You have the nerve to even complain. True your uncle is a dog. Its common knowledge. Tables have now turned and you make noise. Serves you and your lot right. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Grace Mugabe hure

    Thanks for saying it well

  • Grace Mugabe hure

    Who are you to say they killed Tsvangirai’s wife iye Tsangirai akazviramba. Manje Garwe richatonga richingotonga uchingovukura

  • vimbai

    idiot ndiwe uingazive kuti mugabe na Grace imbavha killers and they are fools

  • Yengeni

    Especially iye Zhwau thought people are stupid when he was giving people stupid promises of two million jobs. Nxxx, Zhwau takakubata kwaurika, tokudzosera kuzimbabwe utipe mabasa acho. Zhwau, am showing you the middle finger. Iwe nasekuru vako go to hell.
    Dai wakangwara nyarara hako kuti zii.
    Otherwise no Zimbabwean likes you. Don’t ever try to set your foot in Zimbabwe if you need your life. Even your kids’ lives are in danger.

  • Fukusi Bhokosi

    Haa fokoro, tuvapfana itwotwu dai twapondwa ndingafara maningi