FRESH DETAILS – Mutare Wife Killer Was A Good Man But After TB Joshua Prayed For Him, He Turned Murderer


Family speaks

Staff Reporter The Mutare “Wife Murderer”, Mr Elisha Murimba had been prayed for by Nigerian necromancer, ‘Prophet’ TB Joshua before turning into a murderer, an investigation has revealed as family members this week speak on the man they say was alright all this while. In an interview with the wife (Victoria)’s brother, Abel on Sunday, the latter said the man was no problem whatsoever with his wife or other people. “Akange ari right, and neni taitowirirana [he was alright and for instance with me, we went along well,” mkoma Abel Muzuwaka told ZimEye (WATCH THE INTERVIEW AT BOTTOM OF ARTICLE).

The development comes as TB Joshua was noted for being the only preacher in Africa next to Zimbabwe’s Walter Magaya (who has presided over the death of many of own church members), and by whose church over 116 people have been killed at the church premises, in cases which have been ruled by local magistrates courts and blamed on Joshua himself.

Murimba was found hanging onto a tree inside a Game Park in Mutare at the weekend.

Another family witness says in the period running up to the gruesome murder, Elisha Murimba had been prayed for by controversial necromancer, TB Joshua. In fact Murimba was now a regular member of Joshua SCOAN church right there at the church’s base in Nigeria and having stayed in the diaspora for more than 20 years; it was later after the wife spotted him on Joshua’s Emmanuel TV that the two reunited. The hard working Victoria traveled to Nigeria to meet Elisha, the family says. [STORY CONTINUES BELOW]

Meanwhile Mr. Abel Muzuwaka, told the state owned Manica Post, “it is difficult to accept the fact that my hardworking sister died such a horrific death. This happened exactly 31 days after my in-law had returned from South Africa where we were told that he was staying.

“I never heard of any misunderstanding between the couple. I even paid them a visit when I heard that he was back and he did not show any signs that all was not well between them. He had never stayed in the house before and it was my sister who toiled day and night to build this mansion where she met her fate. My sister once followed him to Nigeria after seeing him on a TB Joshua show on television. That is when he migrated to South Africa,” said Mr Muzuwaka.

He said Elisha never bothered to attend the funeral of his son who died more than 10 years ago, only to come back with a satchel for his labour in the Diaspora.

Efforts to get a comment from TB Joshua were at the time of writing frustrated as the preacher was u-reacheable via phone. ZimEye was at the time of writing still working hard to get to the bottom of what motivated Mr Murimba to kill his wife. WATCH THE INTERVIEWS BELOW:


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  • mai Chibwe

    Nobody can be mentally OK if they follow such people as TB Joshua. It like saying you follow Grace Mugabe but you are mentally stable. Not possible.

  • Ndarwadziwa

    Heyi bakithi, kunzima. Why did he kill himself? After 20 years munhu odzoka kuzouraya mukadzi. And amai ava vange vane rudo nemoyo wokuregerera. Rest in peace my sister. Ndedzimwe nyaya dzatinoparirwa nema parents edu. Vana nevazukuru kana vakutadza kuroorwa, vakuita marombe, just because of one person who failed in life. Nyasonamatai vana ne all generations to come to break this curse.

  • haiwawo

    A good man does not abandon the family for 20 years and when he comes back, demands that the wife cedes everything she worked for in his absence to him.

    This is not a mental health issue and the family members should stop making excuses for him. Neither was this about Joshua. He is pure evil from the abandonment and then this horrific killing because he wanted control. This is about power and many women suffer this in silence even though the end is not as extreme as this case,.

  • mamansi penda


  • Zimbabwe woman

    “he was a good man?” How is good defined. After he never bothered to attend the son’s funeral??? Things that women do in the name of being someone’s wife???

  • Ndarwadziwa

    Tsano, this man was very far from called a good man. He was good when he gave you roora. 20 years in diaspora abandoning your sister and you call him GOOD MAN. Unless if there was some thing which you didn’t like about your sister the late. Your know better. But am now starting to believe that this Murimba guy was sick. Most of the people who go to TB Joshua are sick or fighting curses. So lets not draw conclusions about this guy. Murimba was sick in the head. He was not normal. Aka achihwara nenyadzi. Kana kuti kunezvaakanzwa chete nenyaya yemudzimai wake. Although he didn’t have to kill his patient wife. Amai vange vanerudo. She was concerned about her husband even spotting him at TB Joshua after 20 years kunenge kwakazara vanhu. Manje kudenga kunaMwari. Murimba you might have cut this woman’s life short, but she is going to enjoy with the Lord forever while you Murimba the murderer will burn with your father devil.

  • chibhorani

    I concur. Any person who patronizes these so called churches like Joshua’s, wherever they could be located is truly head-sick. I feel sorry for the slain woman. I also forgive her if she had been seeing other men. Is she not human? Did he marry her to deposit her to a nunnery? After all women reach menopause, men don’t. Those who knew him, please tell us a lie that he was living in celibacy in South Africa, Nigeria, Australia and the US…..countries where one can cheat non stop even in extra marital engagements and get away with it non stop!

  • Isaac Chambiko