Gaddafi’s Son Hiding In Zimbabwe? BREAKING NEWS


Staff Reporter| One of the late Muammah Gaddafi’s sons is reportedly in Zimbabwe under the care of prison officials.

Today ZimEye begins investigations on the late Libyan dictator’s adopted son, Abdullah Moussa Yusuf who Kariba Pastor Patrick Mugadza says has been incarcerated at the Harare Remand Prison after he claimed asylum in 2014.

He came to Zimbabwe because the late Gaddafi had advised his family to seek asylum in Zimbabwe should anything happen to the President, the latter who was killed on 20 October 2011 following a western led air strike on Libya.

He has been holed up at the remand prison and has never appeared in court, ZimEye is told. Mugadza’s story corroborates with that of Irvin Takavada, who was the first to meet the man at Harare Central Remand Prison late last year.

Prison officials have denied the existence of such a person.

Last week, an insider had volunteered to give details but developed cold feet at the last minute.

Today ZimEye also reveals letters Gaddafi’s son has written to President Robert Mugabe seeking help.

ZimEye continues the investigation and will be conducting further interviews into the day today. REFRESH THIS PAGE FOR UPDATES. 

"Gadaffi Son In Zimbabwe" LIVE


Posted by ZimEye on Thursday, April 20, 2017

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  • Kutongwa neMarombe

    Not by any Zim measures cud the royal Gaddafis son be holed up in a our inhabitable remand prisons… if anything he would be offered a 5star treatment only befiting the first family.. He has loads and loads of money to clear all Zim gvt debts and to buy the national airline a pair of fresh wings.

  • Grace Jones

    If indeed he is hiding why is it zimeyes business to expose his whereabouts when this is a life or death situation for him?Zimeye has no ethics


    imi nekunyepa

  • Ajm

    It could be true there is no smoke without fire, After the father died read that The Late father reportedly had properties in the country the milion dollar question what happened to them and who took them and possibly the son is trying to make a claim for them and now perhaps someone somewhere knows the truth and they do not want him to take the claim. The oldest son was caputred by Libyan authorities after the unrest.

  • ZimMatata

    Zimeye is exposing him because his father was a ruthless dictator who killed many people and did not respect human rights. His family supported him. Why do you want to protect criminals?

  • steve blomefield

    In my 2c worth this man is a con man. Trying to get into Zimbabwe he claims to be Qaddafi son, but this was a lie. Therefore instead of accepting him he was stored in Zimbabwe.

    Many people underestimate Zimbabwe’s CIO… to their cost. I think he is one of them.

  • Grace Jones

    how many zimbos claimed asylum elsewhere kawve kuti munhu apiwa asylee status you then tell his enemies where he is kuti zvidii? what kind of juournalism exposes asylee protections. Gadafi is not the son