Generals Ditch Mnangagwa

u-turn…Perence Shiri

Staff Reporter | In what critics view to be a smack in Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s face, army generals have come out to oppose the Mnangagwa faction.

AnalysisIn recent weeks, army bosses were now working hand in hand with the Mnangagwa faction state media daily threatening to incriminate the (Gushungo – pun intended) G 40 group. They would issue regular statements favouring Mnangagwa and opposing the G40 with Gen Constantino Chiwenga at one time even threatening military action on people criticing Mnangagwa’s Command Agriculture program. That development saw the military bosses even screaming out that politics follows the gun.

But Military bosses have since turned their heads Gushungo-wards voicing out the opposite, that they shall serve President Robert Mugabe and no one else.

The development follows after Mugabe was told by his wife, Grace to name a successor. He would then fire warning shots at the military against pushing for his ouster saying they had no right to interfere with the political processes in the country.

Commander of the Air Force of Zimbabwe Air Marshal Perrence Shiri has come out declaring to the state media that his boss is Mugabe.

“One of the legacies of the Air force of Zimbabwe since 1980 is subservience to political leadership,” he said.

He continued saying, “we have co-existed with our politicians peacefully. We have complemented each other. Politicians give us direction, playing their role in mobilising people, while we concentrate on providing security to the people of Zimbabwe.

“You may have heard the history of other African countries where whenever there were difficulties, the military was manipulated by other countries to destabilise the situation or even overthrow a democratically-elected Government.”

He went on: “We went through difficult phases, especially the Land Reform Programme, and earned ourselves a lot of enemies. Were it in other African or Third World countries, the military would have been used to destabilise the political programme.

“However, in Zimbabwe, we were together with the Government throughout the Land Reform Programme. We endured and succeeded. Look at what happened to (Kwame) Nkrumah of Ghana, (Patrice) Lumumba of the Democratic Republic of Congo and (Salvador) Allende of Chile. The military was used to dislodge them.”

Air Marshal Shiri encouraged the Air Force and the general citizenry to remain patriotic in spite of challenges.

Last nite news report on ZBCTV newshour where Perence Shiri declared the army is subservient to civilian rule was a smack in Lacoste face

— mawarire jealousy (@mawarirej) August 12, 2017

“For example, we have gone through a very difficult patch of sanctions, and we know that as we go into the future, there will be a lot more challenges. However, as long as our people remain patriotic and professional, they will be able to tackle these challenges.

“Mind you, the situation may be vibrant; it can be dynamic, it can change. The nature of the threat can change. What is important is to have a flexible force, which can adapt, remain professional and confront the threat.”

Lt-Gen Sibanda commended his charges for their patriotism and dedication to duty. “First, we must understand that for development to take place, there has to be peace so that people can go about their aspirations and achieve what they want. For Zim-Asset to succeed, there has to be peace. We are playing our own part in a small way in two clusters of Zim-Asset; the first one being Food Security and Nutrition.

“We continuously assist Government and Government ministries like the Ministry of Transport. We have a number of officers who are helping that ministry to try and get the National Railways of Zimbabwe going through technicians.

“We are also assisting the Ministry of Agriculture with Command Agriculture. We continue to engage in certain short-term support of various ministries, like the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, in grain distribution.”

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  • Grace Jones

    this can only be true if written by another paper not this G40 paper,. You are desperate

  • Moyo

    Article written by non other than Jonathan Sodindo Moyo

  • Ngwena

    This Gay 40 paper is desperate honestly its a shame!!! and the people of Zim are fdup

  • Shalom

    Stupid; fools You Jonathan Moyo and Your desperate paper. For your own Information Mnangagwa anodiwa neVanhu. If its true that he is unelectable why do you want to “…..l”….. him. Nonsense. Manje we are on our knees praying for him. Why can’t you just go for elections than barking about him everyday. Aitasei nhai Zimeye Mnangagwa wamunoti naye naye everyday. Whoever is giving you money to write bad about VP “Back to the Sender”

  • iyk

    Mnangangwa anodiwa nevanhu! Iwe. Which vanhu are you talking about. Maybe you alone.


    You dont SERVE the President you idiots, you serve the country. You do however SERVE UNDER the president, whoever he is and that is not the same as SERVING the President. This is English; in case you thought its Shona!!


    Shame I pity you, Mnangagwa poodle!!


    Sad really. Desperate Mnangagwa poodle!!


    Usizi ngempela; sorry baba – just another desperate Mnangagwa poodle!!

  • Skindo

    Shiri will always be on opposite fences with Chiwenga..remember the assassination attempt?
    so this article is a non-starter..its only one commander possibly two who will side with Gire the boxer

  • Grace Jones

    Kwaaniko is this not the general in charge of gukurahundi yamunoswero netsera munangagwa. stupid fools