Gono’s Farm Goes Up in Mysterious Flames After Baba Jukwa Warning


Zimbabwe: Gono’s Farm Goes Up in Another Fire Attack

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Gideon Gono’s farm just outside Harare has been blazed by a mysterious fire barely 4 weeks after a warning posted by Facebook ZANU PF top de-filer, Baba Jukwa four weeks ago.

Property and equipment items worth at least USD33,000 were reduced to a crisp in minutes after the unexplainable flames gutted the farm’s key production section including a large patch of grazing land after 3 PM Thursday. This is the second mysterious attack in the last 23 months after the first one gutted property worth more than USD130,000 and Gono’s family had to flee for refuge after it was unexpectedly set alight.

Workers at the farm described the fire as having a yellow to a strong blue coloration at base level alleging that it was clearly not a normal fire. They said they immediately made a report at Borrowdale police station. Said Velenjani Lupankwa, a senior executive with TD Holdings, a subsidiary of Lunar Chickens, “We are still assessing the damage, but our preliminary investigations have shown that property worth more than US$30 000 has been destroyed,”gonoclassique

“Considering the fact that the fire has coincided with the visit by our auditors from Europe we are suspecting foul play because the cause of fire is not known and this is the first time we have fire breaking out.

“(We are aware that) not everyone is happy with what we are doing, but we are still investigating, but our preliminary investigations have shown that there was a hand behind the fire.

“We have lost some of our electronic motors and some of grazing land is gone, but the good thing is fire brigade arrived on time and they have managed to control the fire before much harm was done to these projects.

“We have lost some of our electronic motors and as you can see some of grazing land is gone, but the good thing is fire brigade arrived on time and they have managed to control the fire before much harm was done to these projects.”
Babab Jukwa Warning:

After the death of former Mines Minister Edward Chindori Chininga, last month, ZANU PF de-filer, Baba Jukwa warned Gideon Gono that he could be assassinated anytime soon.“I wonder still as well why Gideon Gono is not heeding my warning. Funeral wake is going to visit his family very soon if he doesn’t take drastic measures to save his precious life.

“They want your head in the platter. Saviour Kasukuwere, Nicholas Goche, Sydney Sekeramayi, Dick Mafios and the evil crew are responsible for Hon Chindori Chininga’s death and are also responsible for an attempt on the life of Mashonaland Central Governor Martin Dinha,” Baba Jukwa alleged.

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  • Test

    The fire coincides with visit if auditors from Europe…oh wait a minute, thought we were under sanctions from Europe & America? What are European auditors doing in a country not allowed to trade with their countries then? Do these sanctions actually exist or just a figment of imagination from an unpopular party? Hmm, think talk of sanctions is just a red herring.

  • Mai Joza

    European auditors someone out there is trying to be sell out. Where did that capital to mechanise the farm come from?

  • Dzimai Moto

    The cross hairs are on Gono. Whatever happens, we’ll remember Gono as a galant son of the soil who resisted bank and company invasion. Unfortunately the penalty for disagreeing with ZANU PF is death.

  • Bla Miki

    Sanctions a figment of imagination? Your head Testdog is full of rotten eggs. Three days ago the Americans issued a statement that they will review the sanctions issue after the elections, and you dog faced idiot still insist that there are no sanctions. You should be asking Gono why he has ignored our own competant auditors for European ones. You need more evidence of who a sellout is?

  • I love Gono,he made me a millionnare and I used that million to buy 2half’s of bread.

  • What do y expect? Y sleep with someone’ wife and as if that was not enaf y reveal all she told y abt her *seless h*sband.

    Be afraid, very very afraid.

  • Stephen

    They must blaze it

  • Mugomba

    If yu borrow money the financing bank appoints its own auditors to assess the project either for viability,insolvence,more funding etc. Depending on what is at stake. Now on this article it points out that the bank appointed auditors from europe but not necesarily to say it is a european bank.

  • Greyhora

    This voodoo economist caused untold suffering to millions directly! No sympathy for him whatsoever! He deserves whatever comes to him, and he does not listen when BJ tries to warn him, very foolish!

  • maonamotozvakwa

    Rovapasi vanhu ava havadzokeri shure tinovaziva ehiyee

  • Arson , this affects even the lives of innocent workers, police must investigate and bring the suspects to book.

  • When did government ever got worried abt workers? Zpf wants to own the bisinesses only, forget abt workers who are traitors working for imperialists.

  • Stop-a-Thief

    He is almost 90 years old…
    His failed leadership put the country on hold…
    Using the courts to cheat…
    Like a dog on heat…
    Are Zimbabweans so crazy…
    To waste their votes on this lazy?…
    Freedom soon knocks, we say please come in YES…
    Bringing to an end suffering for 33 years…

    Vanhu Havachada Mugabe&zanupf!!

  • Bhiza

    I think his books are not in order. What do you do when auditors are knocking and books are not in order?
    AHA!!! I knew that you will figure that out.