Harare City Council Blocks Audit


By Staff Reporter | Senior Harare City Council Officials have blocked an internal audit investigating their “mega” packages .

Top Harare City Council executives are said to be giving themselves huge packages at a time the local authority is failing to pay its casual workers.

The local authority is also failing to improve on service delivery such as the provision of clean water to residents and refuse collection.

These senior town house executives are also said to be giving themselves hefty unsanctioned holiday and entertainment allowances on top of buying themselves luxurious cars using rate payers’ money.

To unearth and curtail these corrupt activities, the Bernard Manyenyeni controlled council, recently appointed an internal audit team and tasked it to look into the packages which the local authority’s top management was getting.

According to the minutes of a recently held full council meeting the internal audit team led by on E Mupamawonde was denied access to the Harare City Council’s executive payroll.

“The audit chairperson advised council that the internal audit team had been denied access to audit the executive payroll,” read part of the minutes.

The report said the issue had been taken to the parent ministry, the Local Government ministry for further action.

The audit team however recommended that the local authority should have a single payroll for the executives, general staff and Harare Water department.

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