I Didn’t Apply For USA Asylum – Mawarire


Staff Reporter | #ThisFlag Pastor Evan Mawarire came out to clear the air over his stay in the United States of America, declaring that he never claimed asylum, during the short stay.

Mawarire was responding to a number of questions concerning, his life, plans and hope for Zimbabwe’s future in an interview with advocate Fadzayi Mahere.

“Why come back home?” Mahere asked #ThisFlag Pastor.

Mawarire explains that the decision to come back to Zimbabwe was made on the day that he left.

“If I had sought asylum I would not have come back, I was reading all the reports in fact some people swore that I had already been given a green card, there were all sorts of stories, that he has sought asylum he is never gonna come back. I had been given citizenship or if asylum is what I wanted, I would not have come back,” explained Mawarire.

On why he left Mawarire says, “my family began to come under attack and under abuse,,,It was not just verbal abuse that was being thrown around by whoever it was on social media, but physical abuse, we had groups of men showing up at our house, the night that I was in prison, groups of men came and demanded my wife to come out so they could talk to her, about 12 people that wanted to talk to her, the same thing happened again after I had been released.” Mawarire recounts the ordeal of the danger his family was in.

“I am not prepared and am still not prepared today, that my wife is attacked at that level,” said Mawarire whose wife was pregnant at the time, left in the house with their two little children.

“It was important to keep them safe,” said Mawarire.




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  • Fed up

    I believe him, he’s a good guy this Mawarire character..