INSIDE PRISON: Mawarire Speaks On Camera


Before he flew out of the US, ThisFlag pastor Evan Mawarire shot a video of himself to be replayed while inside prison. The footage has since been released yesterday. Below is the video:

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  • Cyber Mujibha

    A man with balls…kwete kungotundirwa mumusoro siku nesikati muchingoti mafuta enkosi…..Cowards!!!!!

  • Thomas Tanaka

    This Mawarire is a ZANU PF’s project.. Open your eyes Zimbabwe

  • Marujata

    This idiot must be stopped.

  • Peter Sithole

    Prison with phone and ear phones hahahhahahah Zimboz wake up

  • Shumba Liverpool

    Anzi before he left USA he shot a video of himself…clever guy anticipating arrest he videoed himself speaking out..some kind of insurence against worse treatment..

  • Musa

    I love Zimbabwe my foot. Give us a break. Stay in prison and leave Zimbabwe in peace. Who do you think you are. If it were not of the civil servants who organised their strike and you jumped on to it no one would have known about you. Ita iye Avignon tione who will follow you. Evan Padtor my foot.

  • Peter Sithole

    No balls he is Zanupf

  • Black Jesus

    He should have stayed in US. Why would anyone want to go back to the most inferior country in the world? It is dirty, rotten, poor, and full of ugly dirty, stinking, stupid Robert Mugabe dogs like you..

  • Black Jesus

    You must go fuck your self

  • Black Jesus

    Thats because your prison system is corrupt. $1 and you can get anything.

  • Black Jesus

    Wow, no zanoid could have thought of that.

  • Jemba Jemba

    Pastor Mawarire seems like a Ba Jukwa kind of project.

  • john

    A true terrorist to the end