Kasukuwere Fights On


Savior Kasukuwere | In my capacity as the National Political Commissar. I wish to reaffirm my total and unequivocal loyalty to His Excellency, the President and First Secretary of ZANU PF, the Party and the ZANU PF principle of one centre of power.

I further wish to correct some unfounded, misguided and malicious allegations that have been made recklessly to the effect that I seek to topple and unseat the President of Zimbabwe and First Secretary of ZANU PF  R.G Mugabe. These allegations are made without a basis and are a total fabrication of the successionist agenda that seeks to subvert the principle of one centre of power.

I note with concern that the directive and instructions of His Excellency the President as reaffirmed by Dr Chombo, the Secretary for Administration, have been met with flagrant and rebellious defiance demonstrative of a departure from the one centre of power principle of the Party, manifesting an alternative centre of power. The open defiance has been aided and abetted by certain regime change elements who are embedded in the media hijacked to become the mouthpiece of a successionist cabal who by their conduct are openly challenging the appointing authority. the President, under the guise of attacking me.

My mandate as the National Political Commissar is to defend ZANU PF and uphold the Constitution of the Party which constitution has been violated by the lawlessness exhibited in the nonsensical communications arising out of irregular purported meetings of the improperly constituted gatherings of political miscreants at provinces.

The political shenanigans by the successionists commenced soon after Congress 2014 upon my appointment as the National Political Commissar, a position desired as strategic to their goal of establishing an alternative centre of power. It is a matter of public record that from day one there has been vocal dissent to the appointing authority of the President. This dissent has now been escalated in the current discourse charactensed by the groundless allegations.

The charade by those intent on usurping power from the appointing authority disguised as an attack on my person is now being championed by well known recalcitrant political charlatans and opportunists who are pursuing parochial Objectives with the support of greedy land barons by peddling defamatory lies on my conduct in the party and government. In order to protect and assert my legal rights. I have initiated lawsuits against these corrupt and rogue elements some of whom were openly part of the Rhodesian security apparatus.


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  • steve blomefield

    Savior this smells of being written by Johnathan Moyo. If so… do you want to drag him down with you?

    It is you who have been subjecting VP Mnangagwa with unremitting attacks for years now. You sowed the wind and now you are reaping the whirlwind. You sowed division with a knife and now a sword is descending on your divisive head.

    Great Zimbabwe fell after the royal family was divided. Zanu is falling through corruption and division. You have played your part and now you must be punished. BYE BYE

  • Mhofu

    Too little too late.waenda nechamupupuru.