…but how come no one was killed?

There was “heavy gunfire” on Saviour Kasukuwere’s house for a continuous 15 minutes while 11 people were asleep.

The drama as horrific as it sounds, is told by former Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo who claims the Operation Restore Order was bloody, in what many Zimbabweans on Saturday declared does not sound a credible.

Professor Jonathan Moyo said, “…I left the country legally, I am not at liberty to disclose my whereabouts because they have shown a very clear and determined intention to find me wherever I am… ” Story continues below  [WATCH THE LATEST VIDEO DISCUSSION AS PEOPLE EXPRESSED DOUBTS] –



Posted by ZimEye on Saturday, January 13, 2018


He was during the BBC Hard Talk interview then asked, you’ve talked about your life and threats… what’s the evidence about that?

He replied what ZimEye.com has before revealed that Moyo was not at all at Robert Mugabe’s Blue Roof residence. As ZimEye exposed 3 weeks ago, he said” it’s common cause in Zimbabwe I’ve even put that evidence on my Twitter feed on the morning of the 15th of November around 2:30 a.m. Zimbabwean time, sometime between 15 to 25 heavily armed SAS soldiers came to my Residence and they destroyed the gate, destroyed the door the entrance to my house, and shot their way into every room looking for me but fortunately they did not find me and none of the members of my family were there because I had been forewarned the previous night that I should not spend the night at my house and that I should take every member of my family with me out of the house and the evidence physical evidence of what then happened to my house has been there for anyone to see.”

Where did you go then, it was reported that you went Robert Mugabe’s mansion and they were allowed to stay but you were refused is that what happened?

” That is false I am glad that the military people who wanted to harm me on the night of the coup don’t actually know what happened and they have been peddling falsehoods on the circumstances. What I would say without putting in jeopardy many of God’s people who were very kind to give me assistance is that it is true that I took my family on the night of the 14th of November to my colleagues residence and my colleague being Saviour Kasukuwere, who was the Minister of local government, and the amazing facts is that is house was also attacked about the same time my house was being attacked, when I was there with my family. It was him and his family and all together there were 11 of us, at his residence when the Residence was attacked.”

There is another account which links up with Jonathan Moyo’s told by Saviour Kasukuwere in a separate discussion ZimEye which revealed to businessman Mutumwa Mawere about 4 weeks ago. In that account Kasukuwere says it was the loud alarm that saved them as the soldiers retreated upon hearing the loud alarm, while fearing an ambush by counter security details previously set up by Mugabe himself; and the brief moment they were away allowed the two families to escape.

But you know that you and Saviour Kasukuwere are the most wanted men and in fact the former finance minister Ignatius Chombo is in prison. How did you manage to escape Zimbabwe? You said you escaped legally but you have just described how the army were coming after you…

” yes when they came to attack Saviour Kasukuwere’s house, at about 2:30 a.m. on the 15th of November be subjected it to some 15 minutes of heavy gunfire, and amazingly after those 15 minutes they had surrounded the house, the sound of gunfire just went silent, and we waited there for something like I think 10 minutes and there was no movement or sign of presence of these special forces that have surrounded the house and shot at it from every angle and we then managed to get out of the house, and we were amazed that they were no longer there. They probably …. ”

But how did you leave the country? You have expressed how the army attract both your houses, how did you actually leave Zimbabwe and the other question I asked you is why do you fear for your life since you have left the country and are you receiving death threats where you are, and how did you leave the country?

” I left Zimbabwe with the help of people who to me are angels, because they saved lives and I am not at liberty to say who helped me, how they helped me and how I left Zimbabwe except to say I left Zimbabwe when President Mugabe was the president of the country and I left with the assistance of his people legally. I left the country legally. I managed to escape the net of the military people and to be where I am, legally.”

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  • sarah Mahoka

    Moyo is one very bitter man. Still does not believe Mugabe gone for good

  • eish

    the top brass in zna are former zipra and there are the guys who tipped jonso on the pending attacks, ed and chiwenga you are exposed with the guys running the army now.

  • mr lee

    And he had time to gather evidence?who are the people who died names please