Magaya Challenges Mnangagwa, Tells Him To Stop Behaving Like Mugabe


By Paul Nyathi|Renowned church leader and human rights defender award winning Bishop Ancelimo Magaya has taken swipe at President Emerson Mnangagwa imploring on him to stop behaving like his predecessor Robert Mugabe.

Bishop Magaya said this while assessing a press conference organised by the Divine Destiny Ministries a coalition of churches which he founded and leads held in Harare on Thursday.

“We implore on President Mnangagwa to move away from Mugabe’s culture of violence, arbitrary arrest of people who are exercising their constitutional right to demonstrate and rigging of elections,” said Magaya.

Magaya condemned Mnangagwa for failing to adhere to the constitition by allowing the arrest of eight Mthwakazi Republic Party youth who were arrested for demonstrating calling on him to attend to the Gukurahundi issues.

The outspoken Bishop also condemned Mnangagwa for the on going arrests on members of the ZANU PF G40 faction on corruption charges claiming that even amongst Mnangagwa’s own Lacoste faction there are many people who need to be arrested on similar charges.

“Mnangagwa must exhibit fairness in dealing with corruption if he wants to end it by arresting even those in his faction,” said Magaya.

He further took swipe at the Zimbabwe Defence Forces demanding that they come clean on the their Operation Restore Legacy and tell the country how many people were killed in the process.

“The army must give us a full report on who were casualties, who were arrested and all in their process,” he said.

Magaya is known for his very hard stance against government on issues human rights abuses. He has been arrested several times before for continually challenging former President Robert Mugabe.

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  • silungisn

    Magaya to provoke is not advisable. .respect other people. .you now started preaching Nonsense. .preach from your Holy Bible. ..not like someone who coming from a Beer Hole. .what a blame game are you On? ..your blemish you paint Mr Mnangagwa is tasteless. .watch attitude. ..

  • The truth Pains

    That is the problem in Zimbabwe, can u define provoking and provoking who, and proking in what way, regai vakuru vati kutya chati kwate hunge une katuruke. The truth pains. The truth shall set Zimbabwweans free its a question of time.

  • Pidigori

    It seems Zimbabwe is never short of idiots, confused imbeciles who can’t think independently. Why you’re trying to muzzle freedom of speech in the name of Munangagwa just fails all logic and indicative of a captured mindset but you won’t win by barking at the wrong trees…..please keep that stupidity to yourself lest you expose more of your bootlicking DNA ! Look around, people are no fools or you need spes to see properly!

  • kim

    SHAME SHAME SHAME.SHAME on you silungisn.your comment is nauseating.your attitude needs to be condemned with the utter disgust it deserves.people like you are the reason why zimbabwe is what it is today.very retrogressive and stupid.keep your ridiculous stupidity to yourself. zimbabwe does not need idiots like you, rather it needs progress thinkers like the Right Honourable Bishop Magaya.Is it a lie that human rights are violated? is it a lie that real thieves are not arrested yet we hear arrest of people whose charges are trivial and nonsensical everyday? what is the logic of arresting a person with a tonne of Mielie-meal when people who stole millions and billions are walking scot-free? where is logic in arresting people who are demonstrating for redress and closure of past atrocities? keep your intellectual bankruptcy to yourself, don’t come here to display how stupid and empty headed you are. just a warning BOOTYLICKERS like you will always suffer the same fate like that jonathan moyo suffers now. show some integrity and rationality by standing for the be WARNED!!!!!!

  • kim

    thank you bishop for being the voice of reason and for standing for the truth nomatter the consequences. you are a rare breed!may God Bless you.may God bless Zimbabwe.

  • Mukaranga wekwa Chivi

    I was just about to give it to you for your asshole vomit but I think my colleagues in this forum have told you exactly what you are. It is fools and asslickers like you who will always pull this country to the doldrums. This ZANU pf mantra of telling the leaders what they want to hear and avoiding the truth must just stop. Leaders are there to do the right things, respect the constitution and the populace and not to serve their selfish interest. ED needs to be told the truth if he is to turn-around this country

  • Msaigwa

    You Magaya need to stop defrauding the Zim people by selling the so called anointed water, maize cobs, chains among others. You are a criminal of the worst kind who uses people’s faith and trust to con them. You must stop it!

  • Talent

    What has that to do with his points?
    Bishy aluta continua. Do not listen to embeciles like this Musaigwa guy.

  • Cde Chaurura

    I do not know what some people expect. Mnangagwa has just started. He has given the direction he wants to go and it’s certainly not business as usual. Is he supposed to miraculously change the whole system? To revolutionize Procedures in all government institutions in a month?
    Every reasonable person knows that the state organs and Institutions have functioned poorly for some decades. Infact most civil servants have never known it any other way. To now want to blame ED for the malfunctions of the Institions is nothing but absurd. Has he not identified the deficits? Has he not articulated the policy?
    Had MT been able to harness and revolutionize the methodology in all state institutions?
    In my opinion, the campain has just begun. People sometimes just become a nuissance just to garner a few votes. Good luck.

  • caleb2011

    You are out of the topic. Magaya has specifically highlighted human rights abuses that occurred recently. I don’t know what you are talking about.

  • What we expect him to do

    The first thing he has to do is to legitimately be elected through the ballot , if elected by the people of Zimbabwe, not the army and the war vets then we can start serious business. We will support him all the way.

  • Cde Chaurura

    You seem not to have understood neither what Magaya nor I said.

  • Cde Chaurura

    Then wait till elections come.

  • silungisn

    I need more. You utters rubbish

  • silungisn

    Its freedom of speech. .let me continue

  • silungisn

    I do not have space of time to read rubbish. …

  • silungisn

    Utters rubbish. ..

  • kim

    stupid fool

  • silungisn

    Utters rubbish………………………………………………………