Makandiwa: Boateng Is Wiser Than God Almighty


Is Makandiwa A Satanist?

Nai-post ni ZimEye noong Miyerkules, Mayo 24, 2017

Staff Reporter| Controversial spiritist preacher, Emmanuel Makandiwa says he coaches God on righteousness and sin, while saying that God’s advisor who is greater than Jesus Christ lives in Ghana. In a speech to his church exalting so called “Prophets,” Makandiwa said his role is to stop God from sinning.

He uttered these words while introducing his spiritual father, the controversial Ghanaian, Victor Kusi Boateng. CONTINUE READING…

Makandiwa Says "God Is Evil, He Needs Me to Instruct Him"


Nai-post ni ZimEye noong Miyerkules, Abril 19, 2017

Preaching in a electric sermon, Makandiwa used old Elizabethan English text to claim that God is evil adding that the Creator regularly needs a prophet to instruct Him.

Makandiwa who fronts himself as “a prophet,” added saying, God was about to commit sin and was only saved by a prophet, Moses (AUDIO).

 “Some of you do not understand how God respects the office of the prophet,” he said while stating that God was taught by Moses of the Bible, lessons on how to manage his anger.

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  • Mr. Ngungumbane


  • cde Chinx hero

    hahahaha we know that when readership numbers plummet, it helps your hapless online publication by throwing a ” Makandiwa” in your headlines.

  • maita

    But he said it its on record. Zimeye lies but on this its true UFIC worship a god (note the small letters) who was made holy by a prophet. I don’t know that god but makandiwas and ufic know him. I know a God who was Holy from the beginning and will always be Holy, muumbi wehari dzake ane simba pamusoro pe hari dzake. Imi makaitwa initiated into a cult you may not know this. Read Jeremiah 18 yose if you have a proper bible not a maakndiwa version.

  • maita

    Mazongoitawo recycle a tired story. I suppose the prophet is ashamed he said it actually. I think he has repented.

  • Shit yako Maita

    Pfutseki iwe. Kuchurch kwako iwe Maita vanhu vakunyengana nekumagaro

  • Pastor Ray

    Pfutseki iwe koku AFM vanhu vakunyenga nekumagaro

  • Pastor Ray

    Ndiwe crap

  • Upenyu

    You are the real devil.

  • Shit yako Maita

    Maita is devils first born

  • U are cursed maita

    Maita uri ka devil chaiko. The world has 7 billion people and less than 2 billion are christians. I have no doubt that you are urgent of darkness. You are recruting on behalf of your master. Urimbwa

  • Devil maita

    The devil maita