Makandiwa Cooked Up Fake Prophecies In Church – SHOCK REPORT


Controversial necromancer, Emmanuel Makandiwa reportedly cooked up fake prophecies in church, a shocking report reveals.

Businesswoman Mrs Blessing Mashangwa on February 7, 2017 wrote to Prophet Makandiwa outlining her reasons for leaving UFIC, one of which was the “obsession” with seeing Prophet Magaya fall.

3 weeks after this article was published by the Sunday Mail, Makandiwa has remained mum. This story was first broken on

Makandiwa – LIVE

Posted by ZimEye on Thursday, June 1, 2017

This was after Makandiwa allegedly created a Facebook page titled “The Truth About Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa”, which launched an attack on Mrs Mashangwa and her husband, Upenyu, on February 3, 2017, calling them people “who dined with the devil”.

The Mashangwas – understood to be major contributors to Prophet Makandiwa, and who are now demanding US$700 000 back from him – had left UFIC in July 2016.

Four days after the Facebook post, Mrs Mashangwa wrote to Prophet Makandiwa saying: “We left UFIC because personally ndiri kutsvaga kupinda kudenga (I want to go to Heaven). After all we plotted together with you against Prophet Magaya, we felt the battle was no longer about winning souls but kuteyerana mariva (setting traps); you got too obsessed by wanting to see Magaya fall.

“You don’t know how it feels to look up to someone, and then see the other side, kuplotter is for us but seeing it coming from you; it was disappointing. How will it come out to the world to know you are the one who paid our legal bills (in a case in which the Mashangwas and Prophet Magaya were locked in a court battle over alleged improper importation of an SUV)? I know you did it for you not for us.”

Mrs Mashangwa said she had for long kept quiet about sensitive information related to Prophet Makandiwa because of her respect for “the man of God” and his wife Prophetess Ruth.

“Look at your text messages from 2015, if I wanted to be malicious, would I have not leaked all that? Messages of Pastor Kufa sending us to inbox ‘Madhiri aMagaya’. When you prophesied in church that our children would be kidnapped, I cried, only for you to send a message on my husband’s phone saying the prophecy was to make Magaya back off. Zvingani then zviporofita that you gave zvisiri zvechokwadi (How many false prophesies have you given then?”

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  • mwana wemuporofita

    poor journalism, the story lacks substance, too shallow and not worth reading.

  • ma o

    Taura hako. I dont go to Prophet Makandiwa s church but this is too cheap. they are the same people who frame against Prophet Magaya. Just trying to divide them. Its a big shame. you dont realise that you are compaigning for them. Just watch how the numbers of people increase after your stories. Mwana wava Magaya

  • shumbasamaita

    Ko munotaura manetsana nhai so imi vacho muri makoronyera makuru futi. Too bad

  • Mercy

    These liars. Your story is now boring. There is no trace of truth apa. Leave the Prophet alone

  • Godobori

    low traffic to your site of late i suppose.ko kunyora henyu ngano. kkkkkkkkk

  • zvakaoma

    kkkkk asi baba vako hauvazive?


    How can two walk together,unless they agree.You are all fake christians,repent Christ is coming soon.

  • Son of the Prophet

    Bla bla bla ….boring….Its soo evident you just want to get more people on your page..Tough times hey kkk.. TSVAGAI ZVEKUNOYRA ZVINE MSORO