Malawi Govt Denies Housing Jonathan Moyo


By Paul Nyathi| As news spread that highly wanted former Zimbabwean Minister of Higher Education Jonathan Moyo is in exile in Malawi under the Malawian government’s care, a top government official in that country has rubbished the reports.

Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi in the Malawian government has dismissed as “fake news” reports that Moyo is in Malawi.

“He is not here in Malawi [and] there has been no granting of political asylum,” Dausi said.

Earlier on ZimEye revealed that a Malawian website that claimed he is in the neighbouring country and would be interviewed there is itself not even based in Malawi but in the UK.

Moyo who has been missing in Zimbabwe since the 15th of November coup in Zimbabwe made a surprise appearance on BBC’s HARDtalk with a pre-recorded interview on Thursday.

His appearance on BBC ended wide spread speculations that he may have been captured by the Zimbabwean authorities after Kenya disputed housing him when everyone thought he was in that country.

Soon after the interview, speculations suddenly changed to indicate that he was in Malawi with no evidence provided for the assertion.

Moyo has been making frequent social media Tweeter postings and telling anyone looking for him to find him on Tweeter vehemently refusing to disclose his whereabouts.

Sources within the Zimbabwe government security sector revealed to that an adamant Zimbabwean government has written the Kenyan government to send Moyo back to Zimbabwe because it believes the former minister is in that country besides the country’s disclaimer.

Other sources have also indicated that Moyo could be in the Seychelles or Madagascar.

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  • worm

    First he was in Kenya now Malawi , kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Yahwe

    It took ……years for America to locate Osama