Maths In Ndebele And Shona, Dokora Onslaught…


Imagine the Pythagoras theorem written in Ndebele and Shona – From goat currency to Mathematics in siNdebele, the Education Minister Lazarus Dokora who last year banned the Bible in schools has continued his onslaught on Zimbabwe’s education system.

This week Dokora was praised by President Robert Mugabe, the 93 year old who passed his approval saying he must continue tearing away Zimbabwe’s long established British education curriculum, much to the tickle of Dokora who became visibly ecstatic before the crowd at the National Sports stadium. Said Mugabe, SEE VIDEO:



Posted by ZimEye on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Meanwhile Zimbabweans have mocked both Mugabe and Dokora and below was a written critique:


Gift – Chipo

Present – Chipo

Talent – Chipo

Offering – chipo


Heaven -denga

Roof -denga

Sky -denga


Pressure – mweya

Spirit – mweya

Fart – mweya

Smell – mweya


Test -miedzo

Temptation -miedzo

Trials – miedzo

Tribulations – miedzo



Wait- kumira



Gore rino kudzidza chete……

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  • steve blomefield

    When the Jews settled in Israel after independence from Britain they reformed their indigenous language. Linguists made up Hebrew words for anything from table cutlery to microprocessors.

    I think Dokora is putting the cart in front of the horse.

    First he wants maths to be taught in Shona… then somehow make words for it.

    The right way is for African linguists [shone/ndebele] to create a dictionary then to use that dictionary in schools.

  • Vadzviti

    I am Shona speaking even though I do not have Shona ancestors. I wonder why we ridicule our own language (not that I support the use of Shona/ Ndebele in doing math)

    present in English may mean a gift or may refer to time or may mean a speech or item given to an audience
    type may mean to type on an type write of a kind of thing
    leaves may mean a plural of a leaf or an act leaving a place

    These are some of many English words called homonyms

    You can also read about homophones and homographs

  • Top Sgelekeqe

    Why does the Shona language have such a limited vocabulary. The Nguni languages are totally the opposite. In Ndebele or Zulu we say linda to mean wait. But we say yima to mean stand. In Shona they say mira to mean wait and mira to mean stand as well. They say meso to mean eyes, kumeso to mean face. We say amehlo to mean eyes; ubuso to mean face – two different words.

    Phezulu means up; eZulwini, is heaven; in Shona both are Denga or kuDenga. Amanzi is water; iZulu is rain. In Shona both are mvura? Ilanga means the Sun; usuku means the day. In Shona both are Zuva? Umlenze means the leg; unyawo is the foot. In Shona, both are gumbo? Ingalo means the arm. Isandla means the hand. In Shona they are both ruwoko. Eish bathoo!!

  • Lucas Bhuku

    Umlenze means; gumbo, Unyawo means; tsoka, ingalo means; ruoko, isandla means; chanza, ilanga means; zuva, usuku means; muswere.