Mawarire Breaks Into Tears


By Staff Reporter | Pastor Evan Mawarire has broken into tears while praying for the nation after armed ZRP cops raided his church in Milton Park this morning.

The police Sunday morning pounced on Mawarire’s This Generation Church, with the pastor telling his congregants that he is not afraid of being arrested, because “not one day have I broken the law”.

Meanwhile the police have charged Mawarire with inciting public violence.

His lawyer, Harrison Nkomo who has been deployed by the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, ZLHR, has confirmed, the charges.
“They have charged him with inciting to cause public violence and I am here at the Harare central police station with him, waiting to for further instructions,” Nkomo told in Harare, Sunday.

Mawarire was arrested Sunday morning while preaching in church.

The police arrested him after he had posted a video on social media encouraging people to protest against the worsening economy.

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  • Tafirenyika

    Lock up this fake, attention-seeking pastor!

  • The smoke

    Attention seeking! I don’t think so! He’s simply voicing out the plight of the people! And if you are not directly affected with the chaos going on in our country Mr Tafirenyika then it means you’re one of the few benefiting from the chaos!

  • Bee



    Are you in New York?

  • Ruvimbo

    Stop using a photo of the late Dambudzo Marechera our renowned son as your profile picture. It’s disrespectful, shame on you! And your comment about Mawarire is unwarranted, insensitive and absurd. Are you one of those benefiting from the political, economic and social chaos?

  • KudziEunice MaGumbo

    Tafirenyika pathetic vanhu varikutambura imi muchiendesa vana venhu kucheck up nendege

  • Nomusa Garikai

    Zanu PF is clearly at sixes and sevens on what to do to retain power given the present economic situation of 90% unemployed, 72.3% living on US$1.00 or less a day, etc. is politically unsustainable.

  • Nomusa Garikai

    The regime will have to lock up 14 million people because, as long as nothing is done to end the economic meltdown, more and more people will protest against this economic injustice.

  • Nyashanu

    He is an attention seeker end off. Wat has he to offer… Nothing besides noise with no direction, this is democracy yu cry for and get angry when others go differently from yu, Chematama called for economic sanctions and you praised him, so shut up and suffer….. Icho…!!!!

  • Kudziyeva

    Take off the mask and face reality it’s better to seek attention than not to pay attention to people s suffering whilst you dine with a delegate of 70 ppl and enjoy shopping whilst ppl in Chikwalakwala/malipati/ Chikombedzi /muhlangeleni cant even access paracetamol naaxx government

  • #Mawarire:zim flag!!!!!

    whats wrong with asking people to stand up for themselves. Mawarire did not advocate for violence . He encouraged peaceful ways of Zimbabweans standing up for themselves. It is high time Zimbabweans stand up for themselves and fight the thieves
    and murderers that have ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years. There is urgent need to challenge Mugabe and his wife who are feared by all in ZanuPF. A very sad situation indeed and Zimbabweans have a constitutional right to fight injustices. Mawarire we are behind you. Zimbabwe is behind you. Above all God is with you. With God on our side we are all winners. 2018 will not see these thieves and murderers return to continue enslaving us in our own motherland.

  • Mzansi Van Vuren

    Beche ramai vako. Uri duzvi

  • Mseyamwa

    He cares and that’s all he needs to do. With the learned and dastardly rich regime who seem to you to have something to offer, what have they actually given? Zilch, instead they have taken everything away from the people and the land.

  • We will free Zim

    Mawarire ndiye apedza USD, fuel, akwidzisa food stuffs? Get away Zanupf. I voted you in the last election through ignorance but not this time. You are going with your Mugabe and ruthless ED

  • Mawarire for the president

    Idiot tafirenyika

  • Hande 2018