Mnangagwa Says Mugabe Ordered Him To Win Norton At ‘All Costs’



Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday declared that the Norton seat was a “must-win” for Zanu PF, saying President Robert Mugabe had directed him to ensure the party is victorios in the by-election slated for tomorrow “at all costs”.

Addressing a Zanu PF rally to drum up support for the ruling party’s candidate, Ronald Chindedza, Mnangagwa said the electorate should not waste their votes on a non-Zanu PF candidate, as that person would not access State resources to develop the constituency.

“You should vote for the rulers, not for the ruled. Vote to be part of the rulers, not the ruled,” he said.

“Even if you are asleep and you dream of Zimbabwe under another government, which is not Zanu PF, you should wake up, brew beer and ask your ancestors why they have forsaken you.”

Chindedza is contesting against independent candidate, Temba Mliswa and National Constitutional Assembly’s David Choga.

The seat fell vacant following the recall of expelled Zanu PF legislator, Christopher Mutsvangwa.

Mnangagwa said after doling out agricultural land, the Zanu PF government was now into provision of residential stands to economically empower its supporters.

The Vice-President said Zanu PF was firmly in control of the affairs of the country and threatened to deal decisively with white commercial farmers still opposed to the land reform programme.

“We produce our food, we have our wives and make children, so where does the white man come in?” he said.

“The white man should go back where he came from, we will keep our Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe will never be as colony again.
“If they dare challenge us, we will thrash them. But I am not saying people should go around taking land willy-nilly. There are procedures to follow, so that there is no chaos.”

Mnangagwa urged Zanu PF political commissar and Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere to weed out “corrupt” MDC-T councillors running local authorities across the country.

“We have a fearless boy (Kasukuwere), who, if you set him on someone, you go to bed peacefully because you know he will carry out the task. He will deal with those corrupt MDC-T councillors,” he said.newsday

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  • FreeZim

    What a disgusting speech….i was hoping a lot more would come from VP Mnangagwa. Hope springs eternal and we keep hoping Zanu will change. They’ve destroyed this nation and ask the people to vote for them. And then there is the blatant racism…..

  • Teddy

    So according to this old fossil no Zanu Pf councillor is corrupt? Interesting times of a kettle calling another black..

  • Muzimba

    What hogwash! Zimbabwe has no future under these thugs. I thought Ngwena would be different, but he takes after his master. Smith was far better.

  • Cde Hondo

    Munangagwa has clearly demonstrated that he is not different from Mugabe and other Zanu PF leaders. G40 and Lacoste Team have a common interest to win Norton seat but only differ on succession. With Zanu PF in power Zimbabwe is doomed. Mugabe and Zanu PF are determined to impose the worthless Bond Notes on the suffering Zimbabweans. The Bond Notes are matters of life and death and Zimbabweans must unanimously reject the Bond Notes. Mugabe and his supporters must be taught one important lesson that they cannot always have their way. They must listen to the voice of Reason. Zimbabweans do not want useless Bond Notes;they want the Rand. Govt should urgently negotiate with the South African govt to join the RMU and use Rand or else leave the status quo alone. Zimbabweans will not accept a repeat of the 2007/8 hyperinflation scenario. The Zanu PF govt cannot be trusted with the money printing machine again. After “from zeroes to heroes” mantra Zimbabweans have had enough. Once beaten twice shy!! Absolutely No to Bond Notes. This is one war that Mugabe will lose with consequences too ghastly to contemplate.

  • G. Taylor

    Shameless murderers and thieves who are politically bankrupt , what have they ever done for the people of Zimbabwe since “independence “??? except to steal . .. It’s actually disturbing to hear Mnangagwa boast that he was given an order by that Evil goblin mugabe to win the Norton seat…..I pray that the people of Norton will vote and send a clear message this devil .

  • avatar

    They have started rigging already, it’s a shame


    Mr Vice President,did your boss also ask you to make Itai Dzamara disappear at what ever cost,as you were the acting president when he was abducted???

  • PST

    Nothing good from this Gukurahundi Mnangagwa. The spirit of the people of Matebeleland and MDC supporters whom he killed are still hounding him thus why speaking like this. He doesn’t deserve to be the President but rather a bandit

  • James kahari

    Musatyisidzirwe Vote ❎ them out anyway. Varikukwata – Zanu PF OUT. Nguva yavo yakapfura kudhara. Mugabe out

  • #ChechuleWillFall

    How about tackling the corruption in your own party? Msorobhangu, Undenge have been exposed as corrupt.