Mnangagwa to Hand Over Mugabe Chiefs’ Cars? | CADRES CIRCULATE SHOCK PICTURE


By Paul Nyathi| President Emmerson Mnangagwa could tomorrow be handing over scores of top of the range double cab SUV vehicles that were promised to the chiefs by former President Robert Mugabe.

A picture was circulated around by party members on Friday amid the claim.

In the unverified exposure, the several vehicles were seen lined up in what was claimed to be preparations for them to be distributed to the chiefs in Gweru on Saturday.

President Mnangagwa is meeting all the chiefs from across the country as a follow up to a similar meeting held between the chiefs and Mugabe last year.

Mugabe met the chiefs late last year where he promised them the vehicles apparently on what the opposition says was an assurance that they must mobilise their subjects to vote for the ruling party in the upcoming elections. will endeavour to do the coverage of the meeting between Mnangagwa and the chiefs tomorrow. – ZimEye

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  • wilbert

    In a country where most hospitals do not have even the most basic drugs much less an ambulance it is nonsensical that the government should have the money to buy Chiefs twin cab trucks! President Mnangagwa knows that Zanu PF has retained power by rigging elections and part and parcel of this process is using a carrot for the Chief who will then use a large stick to coerce the povo to attend party rallies and vote for Zanu PF.

    Whilst President Mnangagwa would like to be seen at least as breaking away from the Mugabe modus operandi of vote rigging and have free and fair elections, he also knows that if he lost the support of such people as Chiefs now this could be the slippery road. My guess is Mnangagwa will rig the elections but will be a lot more subtle than Mugabe, he will give the Chiefs cars but try hard to hide the evidence!

  • eish

    This is pure disaster if he does that as these SUVs could have been diverted to the new Ministers and cut costs on procurement of new vehicles.