“MUGABE ACTUALLY NEVER RESIGNED?” – UN Called Upon To Intervene As Jonathan Moyo Tells Reuters


“Mugabe’s ‘resignation’ was a lie”

By A Correspondent| Former President Robert Mugabe allegedly never resigned, and the United Nations has been called upon to intervene. Speaking in his latest interview Professor Jonathan Moyo offloaded the emotional outcry saying where is President Mugabe’s resignation letter and why has Mugabe gone totally quiet ever since the coup was executed (nearly) two months ago?

This is prof Moyo’s second interview after his televised BBC appearance, the latter which was his first ever since he fled Zimbabwe in November last year.

Prof Moyo told Reuters journo Joe Brock “Mugabe’s ‘resignation’ was a lie.”

Mugabe’s resignation came in the form of a written statement and he has not spoken since.

“The president was alleged to have resigned. There is no evidence,” Jonathan Moyo told Reuters by phone from an undisclosed location, in one of the first detailed accounts from a Mugabe supporter since the coup.

He continued saying,  “it is completely unsustainable for anyone to say Mugabe resigned voluntarily when we know the army took over all institutions of the state and confined him to his residence.

“You have to be applying a Banana Republic model to say he resigned,” he charged.

Prof Moyo also added saying the international community, including the African Union and the United Nations, was making a huge mistake if it legitimised Mnangagwa’s administration.

“This is a military government. You cannot send the arsonists to be the fire brigade,” he said.

He claimed saying the public is currently living in unprecedented fear of the former soldiers who have taken political office but eventually the masses would not stand for an “illegal regime”.

He continued saying, “if you don’t intervene when there has been such an outrageous, brazen attack on a constitutional order, you are simply opening the floodgates to conflict,” he said.

“If they don’t act, just as the sun will rise tomorrow, Zimbabwe will be another Somalia. There will be bloodshed.”

While Reuters failed to obtain a comment from the Zimbabwean government, Mnangagwa’s spokesman the day before fired back at Prof Moyo saying he is blinded by bitterness against Mnangagwa.

Attempts to obtaina  comment from the United Nations flopped at the time of publishing.

Responding to Professor Moyo yesterday, Nottingham Zimbabwe Community leader Regis Manyanya mocked the man saying, “Jonathan Moyo must be first grilled on where the abducted activist, Itai Dzamara is.” SEE COMMENTARY VIDEO BELOW

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  • Akitondo

    Jonso might be telling the truth – where is Mugabe’s resignation letter…? Is it because someone resigned on his behalf. Kumagumo kune nyaya….Mnangagwa’s own words.

  • Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno

    who cares?

  • Fair Jungle

    Don’t mind Jonso uyo. He’s gathering evidence to strengthen his asylum application.

  • Bluntboy

    We all know that Mugabe is gagged by the millitary in as much as he was frog matched to cap Chiwengwa’ s wife at the University of Zimbabwe.This is the Mother of all haists

  • Obedient Son of Zimbabwe

    After 37 years of Mugabeism and a few further years of disGrace diatribe I wish to state it here that anything else is PARADISE!!!

  • Obedient Son of Zimbabwe

    It was, as the constitution demands, read by the speaker in Parliament. It was read to the whole world. To think that that letter must be in every Zimbabwean’s post box is hogwash and wetdreaming!!

  • sarah Mahoka

    Zviroto zviroto. This is a none issue becauase kuti asina ngaadzoke aitwe impeach and lose all benefits. Jonso lives in cloud cuckooland

  • Dm

    Obedient son at the moment don’t believe anything that you hear in Zimbabwe. A lot of stories are being manufactured to suit certain people. I handle all information with care. Jonso might know something that we do not know. We never saw the letter, may be the army wrote the letter and told the speaker you read it. Remember juwao once said Mugabe will never resign. Where is grace and how is it possible that with her big mouth she has never said anything?

  • kiddnile

    I do no care where RGM’s resignation letter and I do not want to see it. All Iam happy about is that he is no longer President of our country and that really makes me very happy.Just imagine how great it is to have 8 weeks without hearing the diatriabe from the Malawian.- niece realy niece

  • Chipazhamwongo

    Jonso no-one cares about Mugabe. UN, African Union & SADC all happy Mugabe is gone. Move on Jonso.

  • Aunts Gina

    A resignation from one foot in the grave old fossil and for own information Jonathan you steered up this whole situation because of your big mouth. What have you done for the country when you were in government tell us, you should have lead investigations of Gukurahundi especially when you are a direct victim, why did you not for the sake of your father, who was killed, is it because you chose to value your earthly possessions more than speaking for the dead you so well know were illegally massacred. What are you telling us now why did you not address it when you were in such an influential position to get this addressed according to our culture and appease the spirit of the dead. You should keep quiet you let the dead down including your own father. You are a selfish man for you decided to bury your father only what about the others. You seem to have a short memory and it is too let to wood wink any normal headed Zimbabwean. You had your chance and it’s gone it’s tome you move on sir.

  • Mukai

    Jonso ne’er ceases to amaze. Saka Mugabe atadza kuzvitaurira? Ndiwe spokesperson wake? Iwe ndiwe munhu anyatsorwadziwa and you can’t hide it. By the way Jonso, you’re telling them what they know because their reporters were there and they got the news first hand. You probably missed on that when you were still in the thick of bushes running away from Zimbabwe. He resigned Jonso, he did. Chizvinyararire udzokere uyekudla amacimbi uzithulele zwi!

  • Mjombo

    Hahaha, Jonso! So the UN is no longer an imperialist agent of regime change? Did you ever allow the UN to supervise previous Zim elections which your Angel Mugabe rigged & used the Military to stay in power? Your talk of bloodshed is dangerous & hope you and your deposed kins are not planning any stupid moves that will cause the loss of innocent lives.

  • Gibbo

    Thee letter with his signature was published…plus hazvina kana basa izvo. Anebasa nazvo ngaarutse….

  • Goritoto LP

    Is the letter suppossed to be in the public domain?

  • Brad

    Its you who should wake up. Your gullibility is pathetic if you believe an ounce of what Msorobhangu is saying.

  • Brad

    Asi waida kuiratidzwa? As who?

  • Zimbochild

    Jonso is a dreamer.The removal of Bob and his cabal was long overdue.We are even relieved of the hate speeches of Grace..better she keeps quiet.I don’t support Zanu Pf but i just need my children to have a better future ..that’s all.

  • Danai Pazvagozha

    The stupid man Jonathan must be missing home and his children must be suffering the father’s stupidity. kkkkkkkkkkkk. Jonatani, if you were here you would have witnessed how people thronged towns celebrating the demise of Mugabe. You just making noise like a prostitute’s private part Jonathan. And you think UN and AU would listen to you, to come and return you to power so that you again steal Zimdef funds. This man has faeces instead of brains in his head.