‘Mugabe Tactics Tearing Apart Opposition Parties’


Terrence Mawawa, Masvingo | Outspoken Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe(PDZ) leader, Barbara Nyagomo, has called on democratic forces to unite and thwart President Robert Mugabe’s ploy to destroy opposition parties ahead of next year’s elections.

Speaking after the signing of the Coalition of Democrats (CODE) agreement, Nyagomo said the Mugabe regime was battling to split opposition parties ahead of next year’s crucial plebiscite.

Political analysts have, however, remained largely sceptical of the CODE agreement indicating Mugabe will remain unfazed by the setup. Commenting on the internecine battles in Zimbabwe People First party led by Joice Mujuru’s, Nyagomo said the Zim People First Project was infiltrated by Central Intelligence Organisation(CIO)agents from inception.
“Mugabe wants to weaken opposition parties ahead of the elections.Mujuru’s party has been infiltrated by CIO agents so the project is likely to collapse. However, it is imperative for opposition parties to unite ahead of the elections.

Mugabe wants to make sure that opposition forces are disjointed so let us resist his trickery,” said Nyagomo. Party Vice President Victor Mpofu said the CODE agreement was a milestone move towards the establishment of a united and democratic society ahead of the 2018 polls. “We strongly believe that the fragmentation of opposition parties is the major setback in the struggle for democracy. For so long we have been standing on separate latitudes thereby denying the citizens of Zimbabwe a legitimate government. However the CODE agreement will certainly transform the political situation in the country after more than three decades of suffering under the Mugabe regime,”said Mpofu.
However political analysts have said Mujuru’s decision to fire the seven tired political figures is noble and bold. “Mujuru is right because the seven tired political figures have nothing new to contribute towards the rebuilding of the ruined economy. The guys are past their prime so they have nothing to offer to the people of Zimbabwe,”said Batsiranai Ngugama , a local political analyst.

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