Mugabe To Rule Forever- MP


Terrence Mawawa, Chiredzi | Chiredzi North MP, Robert Mukwena has sensationally claimed that  President Robert Mugabe will rule Zimbabwe forever, despite his advanced age.

Mukwena said Zanu PF had bought a wheelchair for the nonagenarian to enable him to rule forever. He was responding to calls for the nonagenarian’s resignation.

Addressing farmers at a Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (COTTCO) strategic meeting at Mtukwazi Resettlement Area last Tuesday, Mukwena said Mugabe would continue to rule because he was invincible. “Even if the President becomes too old to the extent that we will apply cow dung on his back, he will remain in power. If there is need for us to smudge him with cow dung to keep him power then we will do so,” said Mukwena.
Mukwena warned those who wanted to dethrone the ageing leader would be fired from the party. “We love our President and he is there to stay. We bought a wheelchair for him because we want him to stay in power. We will vehemently resist attempts to unseat the President because of the age factor,” said Mukwena.

He also slammed “some power drunk Zanu PF leaders desperate to succeed the President”.
He said nobody was capable of replacing the veteran ruler- in and out of the party.
Scores of farmers left the venue in a huff as they protested at the politicisation of the event by Zanu PF functionaries.
Mugabe, who can barely walk on his own, is the sole Zanu PF candidate for next year’s Presidential plebiscite.

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  • Low Autobrake

    There is a competition in the Guky party. First prize, a 100K Bollars fir the one who can push their heads farthest up the Biltong skinned tinpot despot’s narrow bony arse.