Mugabe Wishes ill Coup Plotter Mutasa Speedy Recovery


President Robert Mugabe has wished the ill Zanu PF Secretary for Administration, Didymus Mutasa a speedy recovery, but has insisted that he did wrong in siding with the embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru, who wanted to topple him as president.

Speaking at the Zanu PF National People’s Congress today, Mugabe revealed that Mutasa, who skipped the congress, is hospitalised in South Africa, wondering whether the illness was due to shock after the coup plot was exposed.

He also revealed that Mutasa’s wife is also ill, but said he wished the family well.

“I spoke to Mutasa over the phone this morning and he said he is better, but his wife requires more medical attention. They indicated that they might go to India for further treatment,” said Mugabe.

The President said it was unfortunate that Mutasa was part of the VP Mujuru faction that sought to unseat him.

He said the faction even consulted n’angas and prophets to seek assistance that would see them taking over the leadership of the party.

“They would ask, when will Mugabe die? so that they take over,” said President Mugabe.

Mugabe called on party cadres to be principled and remain united for the ruling party to lead in the revival of the country’s economy and shame western detractors who have imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe

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  • Mother Teresa

    Go to South Africa, go to India for treatment? You are not even ashamed to say that old man? What about your own hospitals? You don’t think they are good enough huh? It’s really sad.

  • schicco

    It’s amazing that he says that with a straight face. No shame at all.