NUDE PICS: ‘Mai Sambo’s’ Lover Revealed


LIVE- Mai Chris Sambo Speaks Out | BREAKING NEWS

Posted by ZimEye on Friday, May 19, 2017

Staff Reporter | Nude pictures went viral this morning of a Zimbabwean based woman and her South-African based Zimbabwean lover. The woman identified on social media as Mai Sambo reveals that her lover is one Clement Muberekwa. Muberekwa’s wife it emerged got the nude picture exchange between the lovers, while the hubby was taking a shower.

Muberekwa’s work and home details have also been provided.

Mai Sambo spoke to ZimEye live on air to clear her name by telling the side of her story with lover of 20 years, she reconnected with a few months ago. Mai Sambo also addressed as Tariro for personal protection purposes, will be taking legal action.

Mai Sambo to add more shocking details. Please Watch Full Story Below:

LIVE- Mai Chris Sambo Speaks Out | BREAKING NEWS

Posted by ZimEye on Friday, May 19, 2017


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  • Makwiramiti Coxswain

    Pairovanwa yakaderoooo.Apa matinji kuita chiwepu

  • Ras

    Does the fact that she was cheating with a married man, count? Simba seems to want to portray this mai Sambo as innocent. That woman had every right to go into her husband`s phone and expose mai Sambo. What is she doing sending her nudes to a married man

  • Amai Nhanha

    Apa Simba seems to be favouring Tariro forgetting kuti the married woman WAS SEVERELY EMOTIONALLY ABUSED by TARIRO ! Abuse is not hard here. If you send nude photos to someone’s husband you are posting to his wife too. They are married and she and her husband are one. So since last year Tariro abused this married woman so she can’t just think of herself. Whatever claim she files it’s going to be met by various counterclaims:
    1. Emotional abuse
    2. Adultery damages
    3. Loss of affection and conjugal rights
    4. I would sue Tariro for her shameless arrogance and stupidity (if these were possible)

    Who really is that stupid and immoral to sleep with someone’s husband and send nudes to him. If the ground would swallow her it would save her from her shame. It’s a lesson to Marriage destroyers. You shame shall be greater than your ecstasy! Zvanyadzisa. Shona people ngatizvibate

  • Amai Nhanha

    Unenge wamadawo iwe. Kkkk

  • Amai Nhanha

    I totally agree with you


    He he de chekai mugare nayo muhandbag then you are assured kuti ndeyenyu mega. Zim man you can’t control him ndewedu tese tese

  • Makwiramiti Coxswain

    Was looking at pics so closely.I have never seen such long clitoris in my life kkkkkkkk

  • Amai Nhanha

    Uri pwere chaiyo. That’s nothing

  • JP

    Nyaya dzemahure hadzitongeki

  • Bedworthy Coxswain

    Kkkkkkkkkk pane vanopfuura apo here?