Olinda Flying Back to Harare


Showbiz Reporter| Olinda Chapel is returning to Harare next month on a charity trip. Olinda said she planned to raise 10 000 packs of pads to be distributed in Zimbabwe during her trip.

Her firm, Gain Healthcare has pledged 1000 packs, Swiss Global has pledged 1000 packs, “So we need 8000 more. Every pack helps it’s only £0.25p,” she said.

Olinda said she will also push on with her plan to start a sorority in Zimbabwe. She said the set target is to have 50 women per quarter (currently living in poverty) to help set up businesses and be mentored by established business women.

“The Women’s Sorority is targeting single mothers and grandmothers by giving them a life skill that could aid in the looking after their families. This programme is a self-funded charity initiative that seeks to build a strong support system within Zimbabwean’s women’s communities that will grow as each year approaches,” she explained.
The last time she was in Harare she was embroiled in a nasty public divorce with her then husband, Stunner.

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  • Lobels

    I hope this is all in good faith not a publicity stunt nekuti kumberi uko zvichazotaurwa pa live kuti vanhu ndakavabatsira vanga vasina chinhu.