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STAFF REPORTER| LETTERS Zimbabwean prison authorities have tried to keep secret, have been revealed (SEE VIDEO).

The letters written by a Libyan man who presents himself that he is the late President Muammar Gaddafi’s adopted son, were sent to President Robert Mugabe as the man pleads with Mugabe, the late Gaddafi’s former personal friend, for asylum.

The man is in Zimbabwe under the care of prison officials, impeccable documents show.

ZimEye yesterday launched investigations on Abdullah Moussa Yusuf Gaddafi who Kariba Pastor Patrick Mugadza reveals has been incarcerated at the Harare Remand Prison after he claimed asylum in 2014.

He came to Zimbabwe reportedly because the late Gaddafi had advised his family to seek asylum in Zimbabwe should anything happen to the President, the latter who was killed on 20 October 2011 following a western led air strike on Libya.

He has been holed up at the remand prison and has never appeared in court, ZimEye is told. Mugadza’s story corroborates with that of Irvin Takavada, who was the first to meet the man at Harare Central Remand Prison late last year.

Prison officials have denied the existence of such a person. But the letters officially stamped by the ZPS revealed yesterday through ZimEye LIVEBLAST program (SEE VIDEO) prove that there is of a truth a Libyan man held inside the Harare Remand Prison.

ZimEye continues the investigation. REFRESH THIS PAGE FOR UPDATES. 

"Gadaffi Son In Zimbabwe" LIVE


Posted by ZimEye on Thursday, April 20, 2017

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  • steve blomefield

    In my opinion this man is a liar using the name of qadafi to be treated like royalty in Zimbabwe. He is just oe of millions of people trying to get a better ife using state funds of any country that will have him. He thinks Zimbabwe immigration are fools, gullibel, but he underestimated Zimbabwe. Go back to your home town MR.

  • Kjeke

    The last article read about this family was that the rest of the family fled to Niger. The adopted daughter is a doctor

  • Man

    Are the letters written in Arabic or English itisnot mentionedin the article