PICTURES: Scruffy Lost Bob In Mauritius


President Robert Mugabe abandoned his suit and tie to attend the Africa Economic Forum. he looked lost and in a daze as he walked among properly dressed Heads Of State. This is Mugabe’s 4th trip outside Zimbabwe in 19 days.


Posted by ZimEye on Monday, March 20, 2017


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  • Jonso

    Guys give this lost soul a break. Zvaakabata zvikukutu. He cant afford to retire because he will lose everything. First his wife Grace will go for a spree of being bonked by tom and jacks, his children will be arrested for drug abuse. This is a man arikurumwa nechekuchera, he has killed his cdes and he is now even of his shadow. Mupeiwo zororo musharukwa uyo. Zvaakabata zvomutambudza. Unoda nyasha musharukwa uyu. Common sense dzavakutambira kure naye

  • PeterPan

    Delegates look at him as if he is an animal in the zoo. Pathetic!!!

  • musombodiya

    Anybody who thinks sir cool should continue at the helm of Zim must be charged with crime against humanity

  • Godfrey

    It must be hot andhumid wherever he is. But I like how he looks- looking more ordinary and informal. I wish he would do that back home. Not all the time but from time to time

  • ZimMatata

    Problem yekuroora Hure. Hauzorori muhupenyu wako. Hure keeps demanding, mukadzi chaiye anoti chizororayi baba zvakwana.

  • man

    Zimbabweans someone behind Mugabe staying in power is more evil than the devil. If it’s over times as is done in industry it’s to bad. This is healthy condition driven attire. Mugabe will die in one of these meetings Grace must practise what his name says. this is evil.

  • tamama Ndimugabe

    wabaya dede ngemukanwa…chinoziva ivhu kuti mwana wembevha anorwara

  • enosvhi

    He looks out of place apa dzakurasika.Kaunda needs to have a word with his friend

  • Makaita ku Diaspora

    Goddie, he is also a civil servant, so he should also abide by the code of dressing for civil servant that his ministers have proposed. This kind of dressing in such a high profile meetings only stands to confirm his demented state. This man is nothing but a moving ghost. Where was his Whore grace and his close security men leaving him to this embarrassment? This is not only sad but also making Zimbabwe populace a laughing stock to the world

  • ZimMatata

    And treason

  • qondani

    kuzaze kuhambe kugqoke ikawuso, isudu sikusinda

  • Dex Stocker

    I wonder if the European Billion Dollar Baby is backing him. Cant recall name but Prince Harold of England was consorting with the rich guys daughter!