Prison Boss caught having sex with employee


In the NewsHarare(ZimEye) THE BOSS for the Harare Central prison has been bedding female workers at work and was recently confronted by one of his victims’ husband and admitted he had shamefully abused his wife, ZimEye can exclusively reveal.

Christmas Tarwira, Officer in Charge at the Harare Central prison was caught ‘body on top’ with a fellow work-colleague’s wife early this year.

The victim was Tarwira’s secretary and sources who confirmed our findings said it ‘was purely an office love affair which only happened at work. Murwira, who was then fined two bulls by his victims’ husband, is partners in notoriety with his immediate junior deputy Sup’ George Mutimbanyoka who both have continued to use their positions to abuse female prison guards.

One of the victims, a female worker by name Priscilla Nyamangodo is now dead after she was found with the deadly HIV-AIDS virus.


Private Court Hearing

Sup’ Christmas Tarwira was caught having intercourse with female employee for her protection in this article will be been renamed – Shandi Dube. Shandi, is wife to a fellow male prison guard who upon discovering the sickening abuse of his wife, then confronted his father in law who coincidentally also works for the prison service at Chikurubi maximum prison. The father in law is the one who then called for and facilitated a private informal court hearing.

Soon afterwards an informal kangaroo court was convened in May this year during which Christmas Tarwira was fined two bulls as payment for his shameful notoriety, documented evidence in possession of ZimEye reveal. Shandi’s husband has now moved back with his wife following the traditional court payment.


No disciplinary action taken

No disciplinary action has since been taken against Tarwira and he continues to work for the prison service as boss at Harare’s Central Prison. “According to work ethics, both Tarwira and Mutimbanyoka should be out of work right now”, a source told ZimEye.

This is not the first time Tarwira has been caught in the act of intimacy at work. he was recently also caught pleasuring himself on another female employee while he was working at Chikurubi maximum prison.


Victim died of HIV AIDS

Another case of open sex abuses at the Central Prison is that of Tarwira’s junior Sup’ George Mutimbanyoka. Mutimbanyoka was caught by prison guards several times pleasuring himself on an office chair with the late Priscilla Nyamangodo. No disciplinary action was taken against him and his victim died of the deadly HIV AIDS virus in 2008. Mutimbanyoka is also in love affairs with two other female employees, single mothers, who he has housed at two different staff houses, ZimEye is reliably informed.

Above(left) Harare Central prison)

It is not clear if the prison bosses utilise condoms when they sleep with female employees.

90% of all personnel joining the prison service into senior posts and transferred from the army are reported to be all HIV positive. ZimEye advocates that the ministry of Justice has to address the concerns of the female employees who are vulnerable and all victims of abuse should be compensated fully.

Zimbabwe and South Africa have experienced a number of reports on prison officers being caught in intimacy at work and both countries have also seen prisoners escape in circumstances believed to be due to mere negligence. Barely two months ago two prison guards were caught on camera right in the act of sex while guarding a prisoner at a local hospital. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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  • Menzi Malandela

    Ap they were in adultery. The husband is foolish. His wife is loose! Was she raped? Why did she not protest? So this man has already paid lobola? Foolish husband!

  • this will actually bring us back to the s.a police who was caught on camera doing sex with a work mate… sure you say my wife is at work,, so please can we stop and burn our wives to go to work.. haaa tight.. ma scandall e sex, in africa , sure AIDS will continue to dominate,,,,, but what causes susch… because husbands will not be performing their bedroom duties well.

  • kikikiki editor, just put a picture of thighs zvidya.. sure chidya che huku, chino dyiwa.. ko chemhunu futi kikikikikikikik

  • The Serpent

    This guy is Chief Superintendent in The Zimbabwe Prison Service. He was caught having sex with a Jnr Officer, Chikomba at Chikurubi Training Depot. However Sexual abuse and harrassment has been an ongoing thing in the service. The women are abused because the of the promotion criteria where the boss recommend them for promotion. I still recall Major Sibanda who formed the ZPSP when he was brought in by Zimondi from Army, had an affaire with a certain female Officer I can not mention here. The woman gave birth to a Pink foetus. Later she discovered that Major Sibanda was HIV Positive and his CD4 count was critically and was on the verge of dying from Aids. Sibanda sexually abused young female Officers including the likes of Machekano, Chiedza Marowa and Munyoro.

  • chimoko

    wht a shame murume wemukadzi kana wakangwara enda unoongororwa ropa before its too late zvipachena kuti vaitorovana nyoro apa wanzwa kuti the other victim akafa neH.i.V Aids .

  • ZBC

    He is zanu pf so notheing will happen to hum


  • ZBC

    tipical of zanu drunk with power tieme to seperate them frome power with 7.62

  • ko zvainzi vari diaspora ndo mahure.kana vari kumba futi,ha ndapa kutenda,

  • Saka Boss ve_ZPS vakatakura chombo che_mass destruction ka,zivisai NATO madzimai awane kokufarira.Vakagobudisireiko muusungwa vasikana vaye vokubhinya varume,ndoovaifanira kupihwa shef ava weapon yavo idzvonyorwe

  • toni

    sickening situation

  • Bla Miki

    Saka akablasta kana ari weZanu PF are you suggesting kuti akaiswa mukadzi uyu ndewe mdc? Saka mdc murikuisisa kumabasa ana Theresa makone? Stupid people

  • Omugabe

    As long as there was no rape or coercion, then MUTUALLY-CONSENTING couples mating each other is a FAMILY AFFAIR!

    If the families involved are not as bothered and are willing to make peace among themselves, then outsiders should go mind their own personal business, which is no doubt spoiling.

  • Anonymous

    Iwe ZEROmugabe what about gross misconduct while on duty?

  • Loya

    Consenting??? This is a serious allegation; Sexual harrassment at work. Worse than pigs & dogs. The victim is an employee & wife of employee, shame maningi!!

  • Prince

    If mere sleeping on duty results in one being saked, what does the law say abt this.

  • Mutasa

    Hapana chitsva apa.Vakadzi vazhinji vemajunior prison officer vari kuiswa nemachef.Infact ese mauniformed forces zvinoitika but its worse kuPrison.And vakadzi vacho vanotozvida coz of the favours they get thereafter.I was at Khami prison sometime in 2000 and vakadzi vakanaka vese vemajunior officer vaikwirwa nemachef.Kana uri junior vaiiswa pashift ya6pm to 6am and mutemo vejeri ndevekuti once vapinda door rinokiyiiwa till the next shift takeover.So machef anoenda orara zvawo achinama mukadzi vajunior officer knowing very well kuti haauye kunyangwe kwaitika chii

  • Moses Chunga and Francis Chandida

    We want to be Chief prison officers when we grow up.



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  • yadziya sekuru

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  • ikamira inopinda waona. AIDS or no AIDS rufu chete.

  • chaitemurachavekuseva

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  • Hezvo

    Inga dai vachiti Kuti uvemukuru we Prisons unobviswa mabhora ndinoona dambudziko iri richipera.

  • batombi

    Akuru endai sure kunoongorerwa ropa nhau hadzikubatsire because pamwe izvozvi arikutokwira mumwe after your wife.

  • spiwe

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • po 1

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