Radio Caller: Zimbabwe Is The World’s Best, And Most Resourced Country Per Capita



By Simba Chikanza| Zimbabwe is the most resourced nation in the world, a radio caller has claimed.

Speaking on the state owned Capital FM station, the unknown male, said there is need for the nation’s citizens together with government to change the way they think and behave so they fall in line with the resource base under them.

“For your own information, Zimbabwe for your own information, in terms of resources per-capita in the world, Zimbabwe is number one. What does that mean? it means, if you take a Zimbabwean and the resources in Zimbabwe…you say every Zimbabwean is allocated equally the resources that we have, in terms of wealth, we are actually on number one… ”

Their statement comes as historians revealed that former Prime Minister Ian Smith’s economy at the height of the bloody war and faced with foreign sanctions, once became the world’s largest crop economy in 1975-6. It also comes as a science innovator Brian Oldrieve announced to his professional view is that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government has great hope. Mnangagwa has just implemented the powerful Zero Tillage And Zero Fertilizer technology set to generate billions for Zimbabwe.

The same caller also added saying people should “not look at the current and paint it with the same brush….we have a new government… we have a totally new dispensation altogether.

“When we speak with a single voice, that’s investors will realise that we are now a new nation.

“Some of the private media I don’t understand how they operate… they write headlines that scare away investors…how are you going to prosper when you are scaring away the same investors who you need to invest in your own business?”


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  • Linda Sekai

    The headline is longer than the article itself. lol

  • The Analyst

    Had the occasion to listen to this guy live on radio. He gave his name and is reportedly an electrical engineer. The guy spoke a lot of economic sense. Long contribution pregnant with sense. I wish Capitalk would repeat the clip.

  • Cde

    Dream on …

  • Pasi neZanu

    We cannot survive on propaganda. Lets have facts and figures of production and earnings per capitar